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BookPC - set multiplier wrong and now...

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Posted on Friday, April 7, 2000 - 8:43 pm:   

OK, this was my silly fault.
I just assembled a BookPC with a 400MHz Celeron processor. By default the CPU clock in these machines is set to 66MHz, so it was running it at 6 X 66MHz.
I switched it over to 100MHz, but accidentally put the multiplier at 4.5 instead of 4 (I think. I was using tv out and it was blurry). Since the Celeron's are multiplier locked it now just gives a black screen on startup.

Since these machines are jumperless (Intel 810 chipset), what can I do to get the BIOS to fall back to it's original settings? I know most machines with Health Monitoring in the BIOS will usually default to a compatible speed if they detect that the last boot failed, but these boards don't seem to want to do that.

Anyone know who makes the Celeron boards for these BookPCs? The only clue I have is "v1.6a" marked in the back right hand corner of the board (viewed from above).
Posted on Friday, April 7, 2000 - 9:47 pm:   

OK I still would like to know who makes the motherboards for these machines in case I ever need to update the BIOS.

I managed to get going by pulling the battery on the motherboard for 5 mins then putting it back in. That reset everything back to normal.
Posted on Saturday, April 8, 2000 - 9:58 am:   

when the computer boots up, the number at the bottom of the screen shows you this. write the number down. "pause" should hold your bootup. then write it down, go on the web, and if it's an award (now phoenix) or ami, or whatever bios. check out their site and they will have there what letters and/ or numbers to look for to find the manufacterer of the board.

there is also wims bios page. it's at:
Danny Albers
Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2000 - 12:25 pm:   

Book PC; here's what I know.

Distributed in Ontario by Fuzion Technology, Mainboard is probrably made by Houston Tech for a link, or PC CHIPS group of companies.

Support from both of these MOBO makers are usually not that great.

This board bios may be registed to some other small board maker, buy my guess is that whoever registered it is owned by PC CHIPS.
tony mortimer
Posted on Sunday, April 30, 2000 - 4:23 am:   

I have purchased a send-user mobo,it has award bios. ver4.51pg
numbers on start up are
on the mobo are the numbers P5SD-AS/ver1.0.
on a green chip the letters agpTX.
my problem is that after the post ,eveything is in a foriegn language IE. not English, I have been into setup but that is the same, I have tried restoring the defaults with the short on eeprom, no joy.
name of manufacturer of mobo, and any other clues will be appreciated.
many thanks
tony mortimer.
Carl Farrington
Posted on Wednesday, July 19, 2000 - 3:11 pm:   

the 1.6a book pc you refer to is manufactured by PC Chips of Taiwan, and yes their support is rather shite. Their main distribution line is through Protac International Computer which is their trade subsidiary.,,
The austrailian site is the most helpful as it has links to the many other pcchips sites. This is at

The book pc is a nightmare. They dont list its motherboard among the list of BIOS images, although I have a suspicion that its a M770LMRT (LMRT = Lan, Modem, Real-Time monitoring) as this is the only one to mention 810. I have a major problem with them freezing during bootup, during use, and sometimes on the post immediately after detecting ide devices, but before the Post Summary screen, so its not an OS issue. This happens VERY frequently. 1-in-2 attempts on average.
I can't upgrade the BIOS because the award flash utility says "error: its not Award BIOS", which guessed meant the BIOS write-protect is on. The board is unlabelled so I cannot check this and also quite often my attempt to write or even backup the existing BIOS results in the aforementioned lock-up.

As for resetting the BIOS to defaults, close to the award bios chip, you have two jumpers, one of them is a 2-pin jumper (simply On or Off), the other at 90 degrees to the first is a 3-pin jumper (Off, 1-2on and 2-3on) Move this jumper onto the other two pins which it is not already on, power the system on, and the cmos will be reset to defaults. Switch back off and put the jumper back so that your new settings will be remembered when you put them in.

I can't wait to give Protac a peice of my mind tomorrow morning. Out of the 7 BKi810 BookPC's I purchased, two of them had problems such as cpu not seated correctly, ide cable half-plugged in, front control-panel (lights & buttons) not plugged in etc and it seems all of them have this problem. Looks like we've been supplied by their returns department.

Well its a shame, but they do have a name for this sort of bad quality control/design quality.

Carl Farrington
Consort Computer Ltd

Not everythings bad, I purchased 35 of their p6-set-ml bare-bone SiS based celeron mini-tower machines and they work great.
Carl Farrington
Posted on Wednesday, July 19, 2000 - 3:13 pm:   

sorry I meant
Danny Albers (Danny)
Posted on Wednesday, July 19, 2000 - 7:11 pm:   

No offense intended, but Ive sold computers for years, and the cheepest ones these days are these crappy "BookPC's"

They are a true case of getting what you pay for.

I would advise completely against buying one. No matter what your budget limitations.

I get real upset at actually anything produced by PC Chips, Houston Tech, 3D Micro and IPC and Bondwell. I know for sure that 3D Micro owns both the IPC and Bondwell names, and I have heard many rumors that PC Chips owns a good portion of 3D Micro. They are also all closely tied to the zoltrix line of peripherals.

I will tell you why I hate them so. Crappy product documentation, no technical support, total refusals to replace obviously faulty parts as no fault found. They have, in 5 years of business, been the absolutely worst bunch of products and companies i have ever had the misfortune of dealing with, and in fact absolutely have refused to sell or build computers with any of their components.

This is all of course strictly my opinion.

Thanks for letting me vent.
Posted on Wednesday, October 18, 2000 - 12:34 pm:   

For all having the same problem:
just press INS while powering on your BookPC and voila...your BookPC can be configured again.
Posted on Saturday, April 27, 2002 - 6:05 pm:   

RK Thank you. I thought my motherboard was dead. Ins brought it back to life. Thanks again.
Posted on Friday, September 6, 2002 - 6:17 am:   

I have a motherboard with the following text:
Canada ICES-003
It's a celeron.
There is no more information.
Where can i get the information about this board,
a map etc.
Posted on Friday, September 6, 2002 - 3:48 pm:   

can you give us the other numbers related to the fcc number? or a model and version? if not, and it works, get the bios string when it posts, award or phoenix or ami, whatever, and the complete number/letter set following . i can try to match it up. the fcc site has a lookup page for manufacturers, and they require a certain code. so that will only tell me who made it, within a degree......
Posted on Friday, September 5, 2003 - 1:10 pm:   

I have an error when booting up my BKi810 BookP, which is "CMOS checksum error - defaults loaded", I tried to go into CMOS then saved setup and come back out. However, I can't save the changes, may be the BIOS has been write-protected. How can I save my changes cos I want to may the floppy boot up first in order to fix my windows 98 problems.
Posted on Friday, September 5, 2003 - 1:11 pm:   

I have an error when booting up my BKi810 BookPC, which is "CMOS checksum error - defaults loaded", I tried to go into CMOS then saved setup and come back out. However, I can't save the changes, may be the BIOS has been write-protected. How can I save my changes cos I want to make the floppy drive boot up first in order to fix my windows 98 problems.
Posted on Friday, September 12, 2003 - 2:53 pm:   

Hi Ithiel,

I have exactly the same problem. Did you fix yours yet?
Jim Kitterman
Posted on Monday, September 22, 2003 - 12:29 pm:   

I have a P6 Set- ML in a machine which i was trying to reload but the setup had a password (unknown) in it. Tryed taking out the battery to get rid of password. Now the power supply will not even start up!!! Any help greatly appreciated!!!
Posted on Friday, November 14, 2003 - 10:37 am:   

looking for elite p5sd-as motherboard manual asap

or if anyone knows what the maximum processor it will take.

Thanks in advance


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