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Networking feedback

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V (Vera)
Posted on Saturday, April 21, 2001 - 12:48 pm:   

i'm not familiar with this subject

without going into any great expense, what is a good network card and data transfer speed to look for

i have 2 PC's

one running win 98 @ 500 mhz with 56k modem , 128 megs dimm , net zero and aol

one running win 95b @ 400 mhz with 28.8 modem , 128 megs dimm , net zero and aol

what i would like to do is connect these 2 pc's together :

to exchange files

so my kids can play network games

and to share one internet connection

i have gotten different answers to the same questions :

can win95b and win98 be networked together to share info back and forth ?

if they can then i assume network games will also work

now my main wonder.

the reality of 2 pc's sharing one internet connection with dial up modems

will aol software permit it
net zero? maybe?

recently relocated and not enjoying the greatest speeds for dial up ( extremely lucky if it can connect at 33.6 (very rare)

the host connection will probably be slowed down even more by the second pc trying to share? and the second pc recieving even slower

also downloaded a program called Iproxy . has anyone used this?

it's nice to want isn't it?

any input is appreciated
Posted on Saturday, April 21, 2001 - 10:07 pm:   

Your two machines can easily be networked. All you need are two network cards (about $20 each), a caegory 5 (CAT5) crossover cable, and the install cd's for win95 and win98.

There are a few changes you'll have to make to your network settings; this might require a helping hand. They can then transfer files, play games, etc. You'll have to add Client for Microsoft networking, File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks, and TCP/IP (they may all already be there). If you use internet connection sharing, your dial-up machine will automatically configure the IP, subnet, and gateway settings for you (DHCP).

Win98 internet connection sharing works really nicely. I use it to share my cable data connection. Unfortunately, it will only work with dial-up networking (modem) connections or a network card. NetZero "sort of" uses dial up networking, but in my experience, the connection can't be shared. They have somhow fixed it so that the shared connections slow down to a crawl (at least that was my experience). And the demand dial feature won't work either: you have to manually get connected to the web on the internet sharing machine and then go to the other machine. And it will disconnect you automatically after 20 minutes unless you go back to the sharing machine and click on an ad. I'm afraid that the same is probably true for AOL, maybe someone else can answer that for sure.

I would suggest getting a different ISP. AOL charges too much, and they don't seem to be giving you very fast access.

Having a second computer sharing an internet connection is going to reduce the speed of both computer's connection. And 33.6 is pretty darn slow to start with. There are a number of things you can try to get those connection speeds up. Try running a new phone line from the junction box outside your house directly to the computer. Try different dialup numbers (if they're available). Always try to use the dialup number that is closest to your home. Make sure that your modem drivers and firmware are up to date (this is REAL important). Make sure that your modem's com port is set to at least 57,600 Kb/sec. There are also some registry tweaks you can do to improve the efficiency of your TCP/IP stack, but that's something I would avoid messing with until you get your connection speed up to 56K.

Proxy programs tend to be complicated and temperamental. I would avoid using one unless youu have no other choice. I have no experience with IProxy in particular.
V (Vera)
Posted on Sunday, April 22, 2001 - 6:20 pm:   

thanks for the input. bestbuy recently opened a store nearby. they have a good deal on linksys 10/100 lan card. i'm thinking of trying them.(with the cat5 crossover)
has anyone had experience with this product?

as for the internet connection speed, i had a second line installed for the pc connection and the phone co. says the slow speed is due to the terminal or station being located so far from where we are.the download speeds are painfully slow. but when we lived 7 miles down the road (different state)i could get on at least 44600. i'm going to check out what you said about a line from the junction box outside the house and see if it helps.

the modems max speed is 115200 and the com port speed is 115200. if i set the com speed any higher i get alot of disconnects.

the access numbers i'm using are the same as i used at the different location because it's still the same distance and they offer v90/k56. but it doesn't hurt to check out what else is offered in this area
the last time i checked us robotics site they didn't have updated has been awhile thanks for the reminder.

will check back to let you know how i've made out
Posted on Friday, April 27, 2001 - 3:26 pm:   

I have several of the Linksys hubs, switches, and network cards. I think they offer excellent performance for the price. They have some reliability problems, but no more than I would expect from the other low end networking manufacturers. And they have very responsive support. Overall I give them a A-.

Try backing that com port speed down to 57,600. I dimly recall reading somewhere that you'll get slightly better performance that way (assuming it's a 56k modem and not ISDN).

US Robotics has a modem firmware upgrade wizard that will check to see if there are any upgrades for your modem. If you are already at v.90, chnaces are that you are up to date, but it can't hurt to look. The drivers for the USR modems are kind of tricky to find, and there are about a thousand of them... good luck.

It sounds like you might just be stuck with poor line quality. There isn't much you can do about it except get DSL or Cable internet access.
V (Vera)
Posted on Saturday, May 5, 2001 - 7:37 am:   

got my pc's connected
i picked up 2 10/100 linksys net cards with rj-45 cat5 cable
experienced a little difficulty which turned out to be the cable.
i was trying everthing.i had the right adapters and protocals. the interupts,i/o, mem range were all fine.did the ip address and subnet mask.still no go .ran the diagnostics which all passed except for the link test. ok, i figure connecting win 98 and win 95 is to complicated and upgraded win95 to win98 still no go. i called tech support to find out the rj-45 cat5 i had purchased is a patch cable and won't work card to card because of the wiring being reversed.
the sales person said it was the cable i needed and i assumed it was a crossover cable. didn't know the difference between patch and crossover.
then i find the store doesn't sell crossover cables so decided to get the linksys 5 port etherfast 10/100 switch. i connected the pc's with the switch and everything was fine.
aside from the cable mixup it was a very simple process
next is to see how internet connection sharing works for me, and to check out the modem drivers
V (Vera)
Posted on Saturday, May 5, 2001 - 9:52 am:   

back again
i used iproxy for my internet sharing connection and it works really well. it works with aol with no noticable slowdowns in the speed i have
i'm a happy camper today
isn't working with netzero yet. going to check it out
V (Vera)
Posted on Monday, May 7, 2001 - 6:06 am:   

tested iproxy with netzero and it does easy program to work with. it's like having a separate connection for the second pc as far as speed is concerned
Posted on Monday, May 7, 2001 - 7:57 pm:   


Geez, I love the way you come back with your solutions. Now if everyone did that...what a great reference we would all have. Not to mention, it's nice to know for those of us following along. Thanks for your many efforts, Vera!
V (Vera)
Posted on Tuesday, May 8, 2001 - 3:45 pm:   

something i've noticed when connection sharing with aol is, it's only working when signed on with the master screen name. no big deal

you've got a great site trish. i like coming here. i'm back and forth any time i come online

it's all a learning experience
Ed Mark
Posted on Wednesday, May 23, 2001 - 6:57 pm:   

I am having boot up problems with my second computer. When I turm the machine on, sometimes it boots ok but other times it does nothing. The hard drive is running and the cd rom light is blinking but it will not boot. Could it be a memory problem? Or something with the vid card.
What really makes it strange is that it will boot three times in a row with no problems and then nothing.
Any ideas?
V (Vera)
Posted on Wednesday, May 23, 2001 - 7:36 pm:   

make sure all the connections (cards, chips, wiring) are secure, sometimes things just need tightening up inside.
turning the computer on and off causes quick temp.changes, making things expand and contract. over time chips and cards can loosen enough to prevent proper contact.
sometimes when installing new hardware other connections may get disturbed ( my experience, installed new ram in an inconvenient area to reach loosening up some of the wiring. the pc started up but over the next couple of days startup wasn't normal till finally it wouldn't boot at all. turned out to be loose wiring from me being in there.
also dust can settle in places to make problems. it's good to clean the dust out periodicaly
hopefully it's as simple as that
V (Vera)
Posted on Wednesday, May 23, 2001 - 7:47 pm:   

failing power supply will cause some strange behavior too (another experience was my pc got to a place where it wouldn't boot when pressing the power button. there were signs of power but no boot. only when i next pressed the reset button would it boot. really odd. couldn't figure it out. tried all kinds of things. the power supply finally quit (like a year later)( got used to the reset thing) with no other signs of problems. when the power supply was replaced the boot problem disappeared as well
V (Vera)
Posted on Friday, June 15, 2001 - 6:17 pm:   

back to iproxy: the aol connection sharing problem working with only the master screen name was due to parental control settings on the other screen names. when parental controls are removed the iproxy internet connection does work with the other screen names.
got a third pc networked and using iproxy. works great. like have three separate connections as far as there being no delays for pages loading.
working on no. 4
Alex Smith
Posted on Saturday, May 18, 2002 - 6:36 am:   

HI,I am making a website for my class and I have no idea how to put a c.d. track onto it. I dont even know what program to use. Please help!
Posted on Saturday, May 18, 2002 - 10:35 am:   

to alex. i'd convert the track to mp3 or another format. you can get a free conversion cd to mp3 program, just doesn't have all the features or a registered version. i have one that works ok for when i want to do it. you can get the freebie version at:

and you need the LAME and BLADEENC's codecs for this as well, you can download it also at the site.

now, if you need another format. i'd go with something else. cooledit or goldwave would do nicely for web stuff. depends on what you want really......

i am only suggesting this one as the others are more than what you need for a class project. you also want to download sonique or winamp for the mp3 player. unless you have another in mind, one of these will do. then just upload the file to your directory and set the links correctly in your code for auto play when a person opens the page, or a standard link that you click on to play the file.
Morton Iiime
Posted on Wednesday, July 3, 2002 - 8:36 am:   

I have a Compaq Presario Mobile (laptop) Internet PC 1200 Series.
I am running Windows 98 SE (Hebrew Enabled).
I have a Compaq 56K V.90 HSF Mini PCI Modem.

When I run a program, like a simple Phone Dialer, everything works fine. I even hear the sound of their answering machine and the message through my speakers.

However, when I have tried to connect to the internet, or when I try to send a fax, either in middle of making the connection or sometimes near the end of sending the fax, I get the Blue Screen of Death and this message:

"A fatal exception 0E has occurred at 0028:FF247455 in VXD winachsf (01) + 0002E755. The current application will be terminated."

Does anybody have any ideas as to what can be done about this problem?
If anyone has any solutions, please contact me at:

Thank you.
Posted on Wednesday, July 3, 2002 - 9:26 am:

is a driver you can try. this is the page. the date of the download is 3/22/02. try upgrading the driver.

i did see a zoltrix download too. but not sure if it'll work.

of course, try the compaq first.

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