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Motherboard / CPU Related

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This forum is for motherboard, CPU and BIOS related problems. You may enter any of the discussions below by clicking on the appropriate link. Or, to start a new discussion of your own, click on the "Create New Conversation" button at the bottom of the page.

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Asus A7Pro wont PostNorman2-24-04  9:22 am
What is this?E.S.1-25-04  8:09 pm
Motherboard IDE.S.1-25-04  8:28 am
New CpuE.S.1-18-04  3:20 pm
Display problem: mb, bios, or cpu?Moderator 1-13-04  10:01 pm
CPU upgradeModerator 1-10-04  9:16 pm
Processor Blown up?Ken L1-10-04  3:50 pm
System Hangs up ("New" ECS K7S5A Mother board)Moderator 1-3-04  10:49 pm
Could this be a motherboard problem??todd3462-17-04  8:31 am
Duron 1.3 high tempReubs12-21-03  6:00 am
Samsung motherboardModerator 12-20-03  5:15 pm
CPU and motherboard compatibility?Moderator 12-15-03  6:56 pm
Matsonic Model 5010 CMOS Battery Location????Larry Stachniak12-10-03  7:57 pm
Eagletec Motherboard M925 Seriesjohnsa12-10-03  9:11 am
Long Beep!!!!!!Moderator 12-7-03  8:35 am
My infernal machine refuses to do anything.Moderator 12-4-03  8:12 pm
MB FSB = or < CPUModerator 11-28-03  7:40 am
Processor compatability with my motherboardE.S.11-26-03  7:47 am
CPU unworkable after power outageNick11-18-03  5:20 am
Bios upgrade for old motherboard (Acer v12lc-2x)Jari Sikanen11-15-03  12:41 pm
Multiple CPU's?E.S.11-15-03  7:10 am
AMD Athlon XP 2400 FSBE.S.11-11-03  7:32 pm
Old Acer mobo V58LA E.S.10-17-03  10:34 pm
Bp810 please helpApacheblue 10-16-03  9:14 am
Celeron 700,socket PGA 370 to a P3?E.S.10-10-03  7:01 pm
Moving hard drive from pIII system to PIV systemChipper10-7-03  7:47 pm
Disabling sis 630/730ze lanaro10-6-03  3:16 pm
Problems with Asus P4C800-E DeluxeE.S.9-11-03  8:53 pm
IBM A20mThomas Starich2-17-04  5:13 pm
Did I fry my chip????cpucooker8-28-03  5:16 am
Possible Static Discharge Questioncpucooker8-28-03  5:05 am
Do i have too much RAM?? Please help im desperate :(...hardwarebuff8-28-03  5:02 am
Sis 530 motherboard - if u have manual please helpMatt Schonert8-23-03  8:58 am
Problems booting after Processor upgradeJavier Christian8-21-03  11:13 am
Need help identifying a motherboardE.S.8-11-03  6:55 am
Need the "Go Ahead" from the experts on a motherboard swap please...E.S.8-7-03  9:44 pm
Asus P4T-E booting Northwood by disabling JumperFreeE.S.7-31-03  10:54 am
Motherboard upgradeMatt 7-21-03  2:22 pm
Intel BP810Kevin Barbour11 7-12-03  7:58 pm
SurePath BIOSLeszek7-12-03  12:00 pm
Rd ram vs ddrE.S.7-8-03  8:42 pm
CPU upgrade on a Dell Inspiron 8100 6-24-03  5:10 am
BIOS Flash problemTom6-18-03  12:03 am
AMD XP 2GHz - WHAT!ChrisS6-11-03  11:04 am
Memory configuration problemE.S.6-9-03  3:36 pm
PC Chips M572 motherboard upgrademekrishna6-8-03  11:09 pm
Which is the BIOS chip compatible with M572 motherboard?E.S.6-6-03  10:52 am
Upgrading from AMD1800+ to ???E.S.6-4-03  7:32 pm
High pitched noise coming from motherboarddaemonicus5-31-03  11:12 am
Agp card problemsNaveen5-29-03  11:05 am
Motherboard instruction manual wanted pleaseE.S.2-6-04  8:07 pm
Pentium 4 socket replacementE.S.5-12-03  7:28 pm
V12LC Motherboard how do i get into cmos on a acerE.S.5-5-03  7:59 pm
How do you increase the AGP data rate??E.S.5-4-03  12:16 pm
CPU CompatibilityE.S.4-30-03  7:00 pm
Upgrading Ram memory from Simm to Dimm in 5STX motherbroadE.S.4-22-03  9:24 pm
Motherboard upgradedslammin4-19-03  5:34 pm
WHERE DO I FIND THE MANUAL FOR i430vx-02071997c-00E.S.4-13-03  8:21 pm
Trace Tape??Kevin4-11-03  8:22 am
HELP - NT 4.0 Motherboard Changeout disasterE.S.4-7-03  7:38 am
Amd Athlon 2400+ recognized as 1500+ please helpE.S.3-25-03  8:17 pm
P4 apparently underclockingadrianxw3-21-03  1:12 pm
I want to overclock my cpuKevin3-21-03  9:07 am
Motherboard/cpu unresponsiveamb_madhu3-13-03  10:16 pm
What do i need if i fried my cpu? urgent!!!Matt Weston2-27-03  2:46 am
Motherboard problem?E.S.2-22-03  9:07 pm
My computer sounds like a fire truck!!!! please help me, urgent!Matt Weston2-18-03  12:59 pm
MS 6385, can't get AGP 4X to workE.S.2-15-03  10:21 pm
If a computer has an intel pentium, does that mean the motherboard ...Arlene2-10-03  12:57 am
CELERON UPGRADE FROM HELLblueeyes2-9-03  11:59 am
Need advise on AMI bios upgrade (details inside)E.S.2-5-03  8:33 am
CPU / MOBO TOO HOT!E.S.2-4-03  9:31 pm
TC430HX mobo and 200mmx..perfect together?E.S.1-23-03  8:04 pm
Athlon 2100+ issueCecil1-16-03  7:19 am
Multi Beeps on startupCecil1-8-03  6:15 pm
Abit BD7-Raid Setup ProblemsFred Schneiser1-1-03  6:18 pm
Disabling onboard SiS 630/730 video cardE.S.12-30-02  8:24 pm
Compaq Presario 2900D laptop problems...Cecil12-19-02  5:44 pm
Bios flash went wrong, need help!!!carlos chan12-7-02  6:33 pm
Hissing noise? Computer turns off...heat problem?killa12-3-02  7:24 am
AMD K6-2+ unstableE.S.12-1-02  8:21 pm
Duron 1.2 ghz running at 892mhzCecil11-14-02  11:03 pm
Dead Motherboard?Cecil11-3-02  9:27 pm
Toshiba 2590xdvd password clearingKevin10-25-02  3:44 am
Athlon XP restarting on its ownwin10-21-02  12:36 am
E-Z way to swap finned to fan slot 1 CPU processor?Silver10-14-02  8:56 pm
IWill VD133 - BIOS check sum errorCecil10-7-02  6:30 pm
SATA controller?????Cecil9-29-02  11:44 am
AMD K6 Prcessorwin9-20-02  5:09 am
No response from ms6534 mobo can you help?spirittoo9-19-02  8:51 am
Motherboard problem?big john9-10-02  3:52 pm
PII Intel pentium..OK to OVERCLOCK????E.S.9-8-02  10:36 pm
Motherboard Problem?fred nussbaum9-3-02  6:15 pm
Why does my PIII works stable on W98 and becomes unstable under WXP?win9-3-02  3:28 pm
Athlon1.2 v xp2000+win8-31-02  12:24 pm
Motherboard Or Cpu ???win8-29-02  11:57 pm
AN430TX Motherboard IDE Controller problemBrian McCarty8-25-02  6:46 pm
CMOS ProblemWilly8-24-02  6:56 pm
Pentium 200MMX problemyong8-20-02  7:09 am
Slot 1 to Socket 370 Adapters. How far canI go on my Acer V65LA mobo?E.S.8-16-02  11:25 pm
Asus A7V motherboard and 1Gz Duronmoore00138-14-02  6:28 am
Upgrading Old AMD MotherboardsChristian Korner8-13-02  2:01 am
Gigabyte GA-8IEXPwsc8-6-02  8:25 pm
Brand New system, Mother Board problem, Wont boot... HELPRedblanchard7-22-02  8:25 am
-=Unknown Bios Beep Code HELP=-Willy7-19-02  5:52 pm
CPU for AOPEN MX3ZA Socket 370???E.S.7-15-02  10:43 pm
No Jumpers or Bios settings for P4 CPU on MS-6385. How do I upgrade? nicksayce6-29-02  9:02 am
Will 1.2 amd duron work in asus via kt 133 moboE.S.6-28-02  8:26 pm
BIOS Detection ProblemsE.S.6-20-02  9:14 pm
ASUS a7v *bad*issuesWilly6-19-02  7:19 am
Bios and cpu upgrade to shuttle hot-569 boardE.S.6-13-02  9:24 am
How to disable the onboard video card on a K7SEMMarkus Hojni6-11-02  12:15 am
ECS K7SEM and the POST that Doesnt startwin5-26-02  10:43 pm
Power Supply Voltage to motherboardE.S.5-12-02  9:04 pm
How to install new motherboard/processor?V5-4-02  7:38 pm
CMOS/GPNV--Checksum Errorjaceal4-14-02  9:25 pm
Bios flash problemedwin4-3-02  9:02 am
Motherboard upgrade specificationsedwin4-3-02  8:58 am
Ok, who is the expert for packard bell mb's??edwin4-3-02  8:54 am
Goo on processor/heatsink. how important?markallen3-21-02  1:26 pm
Cpu or mb failureE.S.3-17-02  9:32 am
Easy question. AMD how many watts?ILoveMyAthlonXP2-28-02  11:57 am
Scratching CPU coresBrokenAthlonXP2-19-02  5:07 pm
350mhz processor registers as 233MMXE.S.2-18-02  9:37 pm
Compaq MoBo Problem ? E.S.2-15-02  10:33 pm
Please Help - Asus P4B266Kevin2-15-02  4:02 am
Monitoring CPU core temperature on a Dell Precision Workstation 330...adam2-14-02  11:20 am
Help, my computer is crippled, no I/OE.S.2-13-02  7:04 am
Asus A7V266-E Clock ResetAJ2-13-02  5:07 am
How do I discover which Processor to Upgrade to ?Richard Ramos2-12-02  1:04 pm
ABIT kr7a: bios problemsE.S.2-8-02  12:17 pm
Tekram G486UVP motherboard manual neededGZecckine2-5-02  6:53 pm
Bios Upgradeca1vino2-1-02  10:49 am
HELP PLEASE!! Motherboard Can't detect a Hard DriveMatt123301-28-02  2:41 pm
ASUS P3V4X problemE.S.1-21-02  8:41 pm
P6SEP-Me motherboard ram problemE.S.1-17-02  9:22 pm
Finlay 693A motherboard problemsE.S.10 1-15-02  12:45 pm
Amd 1900xp only runs at 1200mhzE.S.1-14-02  2:29 pm
Asus A7M266 Primary IDE controller problemMatt Weston1-8-02  1:08 pm
Intel 1ghz Pentiim IIIwin12-31-01  12:39 pm
MOBO manuals Manufacturer site does not have GA586ATE/pedwin12-30-01  11:47 am
Motherboards for x-mas pcscj10 12-29-01  9:48 am
Pentium III thermal sensor THE MAN OF STEEL12-28-01  5:51 am
HOW HOT IS TOO HOT FOR CPU ????ManFromMars12-23-01  11:35 am
Dual pentium 3 moboE.S.12-5-01  9:33 pm
Instaling SDRAM in MOBO with edo and sd ram slotsAdam Low12-3-01  5:10 pm
M747 Motherboard BIOS Upgrade DisasterV11-22-01  10:32 am
Silly confusion about Pent III CPU'sAdam Low11-17-01  5:03 am
Motherboard upgrade informationDave11-16-01  4:06 pm
Help with Amptron PM8600 (socket 7) power switch connectorTrish11-5-01  2:51 am
How do you determine processor speed?Brent Hughes11-2-01  8:01 pm
Quick CPU QuestionV11-2-01  9:38 am
Disable onboard video in BIOS Packard BellLynch Radinsky10-29-01  3:16 am
Cmos pass wordPhilips10-27-01  6:48 am
VoltageV10-13-01  12:02 pm
ASUS A7V133-C Bios Problem..newguy10-8-01  9:49 am
ARRGH! MoBo Help!Michael10-7-01  9:48 pm
CMOS Checksum error - CMOS Battery Failedgrystn8-29-01  9:14 am
Intel Vs. AMDntaylor7-27-01  9:44 am
Motherboard or ram?Randy_Strauss7-17-01  2:34 pm
Clock losing timeKaren7-16-01  9:40 pm
Freezing Up, Motherboard or Cpu Causing It?V6-30-01  5:19 pm
AMS Tech TravelPro 2550CX98 Laptop - BIOS UpgradePeter Rounds6-28-01  6:05 am
CPUs and MagnetsTrish6-20-01  11:47 pm
CPU Upgrade - Windows 98 Re-install Necessary ?Bob Semrau5-9-01  1:10 pm
How Do I Get The Sound To Work On My New Motherboard??robert brown4-28-01  6:26 pm
Two motherboards, similar but slightly different POST failureswulfie4-15-01  5:12 pm
Motherboard/Upgrade helpunitron2-13-01  12:20 am
Defeating password on unknown motherboard...Ralph12-18-00  4:10 pm
Intel / Gateway MotherboardSteve7-19-00  5:12 pm
Interrupted firmware upgrade on Armada 1592DMTRick Yang5-30-00  1:57 pm
Intel Pentium 3 Chip ID'sAdam Emswiler5-25-00  1:40 pm
BiosDanny Albers5-14-00  4:08 pm
Motherboard's feet won't fit in the casingPink Panther2-15-04  3:55 am
CPU OverclockingTiak1-2-00  10:05 am
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