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CD, CDR, CDRW and DVD Related

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Welcome to the CD, CDR, CDRW and DVD forum. You may enter any of the discussions below by clicking on the appropriate link. Or, to start a new discussion of your own, click on the "Create New Conversation" button at the bottom of the page.

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CD head is dirtyModerator 2-9-04  8:05 pm
CD-ROM works...but not recognized on startupChrinamint2-12-04  12:08 am
Need advice on connecting CD Drive in OLD computerVegetaman1-31-04  6:36 pm
Power Supply and CD-RWWayne Lewis1-27-04  9:39 pm
Samsung CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo problemBrian Wortman1-27-04  10:38 am
Cd and dvd player running all the timebirnco1-23-04  8:14 am
CD-RW HELL!!E.S.1-21-04  9:37 am
CD-Rom recongnised in MD-DOS and BIOS but not in Windows E.S.12-15-03  7:05 pm
DVD only plays Audio screen is blackModerator 11-29-03  5:12 pm
Copying aborts after one audio fileModerator 11-23-03  3:41 pm
CDROMSteve Lewandowski11-9-03  4:37 pm
B's Recorder gold Mac & PCbob10-21-03  8:41 am
Installing a cd-rwaaron10-12-03  7:48 pm
CD ROM AutoloadE.S.9-6-03  10:15 pm
Removing a CD-rom from a Compaq Presario 5000 E.S.8-25-03  8:25 pm
Advice on DVD-RW burning CD-R'sJerold8-21-03  7:50 am
Problem With Pacific Digital cd-rw E.S.8-6-03  8:15 pm
700MB vs. 650MB compatibility with CD-RWE.S.7-27-03  8:29 pm
Convert internal cd recorder into externaloscar7-25-03  6:23 pm
Toshiba Portege 320CT - Cd-rom problemsE.S.7-24-03  7:45 pm
During Windows 98 installation...Big Guy7-8-03  9:22 am
Cannot get my pictures to download from my fuji digital cameraE.S.6-29-03  12:33 pm
Automatically ejecting and closingE.S. 6-21-03  7:53 pm
CD will not install-should I smash my computer?Lyndon Price12 6-11-03  1:35 pm
Dvd-rom reads cds, cdrs, but not dvdsE.S.6-10-03  7:19 pm
USB2.0 CDRW won't install in XPE.S.6-5-03  11:24 pm
Can i use dvd-r cd's in a cd-rw drive?E.S.5-24-03  6:54 pm
CD-Rom not working! urgentthomas jessen10 4-25-03  11:30 am
DVR-AO3 cannot burn DVD-Rs, WHY???michaelbested4-19-03  12:35 pm
During boot upKevin4-18-03  8:45 am
CD-RW not workingE.S.4-10-03  10:17 pm
CDR and CDRW-can discs be interchanged?Big Guy4-10-03  6:50 pm
Audio CDs not being recognizedJoeEdwards3-12-03  5:43 pm
DVD/CD Drive cant read Burned CDs, just Skips....HelpKevin3-7-03  3:53 am
Boot up goes to Windows98 start up menu..cdrom driver?Don R Schraw2-21-03  12:49 pm
Error message SU0409 while installing windows 98E.S.2-11-03  9:01 pm
Having trouble installing win XPJohanne Costello2-11-03  2:03 am
Windows 95 and 16meg RAM (try not to laugh!) I need a CD-RKevin2-7-03  3:45 am
My CD Disk Drive D has Disappeared from "My Computer'!Jeremy1-21-03  9:05 pm
Help with DVD's....Cecil12-29-02  10:38 pm
Microsoft Products Helpissac12-29-02  8:44 pm
Cd-rw helptim12-29-02  8:24 pm
Mitsumi CD-R won't workjim12-29-02  8:16 pm
CD-ROM doesn't read CDs...james12-29-02  8:12 pm
Computer Virgin(Help)Cecil12-28-02  6:20 pm
DVD ROM Drive Region CodeCecil12-27-02  4:33 pm
DVD & CDR DriversCecil12-15-02  6:01 am
Windows XP.. NO HARDWARE CD!Cecil12-3-02  9:23 pm
CD-RW DVD CONFLICTCecil11-11-02  9:08 pm
Need Help with A Sony CDRWCecil10-2-02  9:00 pm
Apple cd rom on pc?win9-14-02  9:33 pm
Cd rom not respondingv8-19-02  6:02 pm
CD R/W Drive opens spontaneouslywin7-18-02  12:15 pm
Can't update Plextor firmware from 1.04 to 1.05 in XPProv7-5-02  11:05 am
Compaq Deskpro EN SFF CD-ROM probsac7-3-02  7:49 pm
IBM NetVista w/ Samsung SM-308B combo drive. cannot write cdTrish6-4-02  2:37 am
How to install DVD-113MC into COMPAQ presario 5020?Trish6-4-02  2:30 am
"MS-DOS compatibility mode" is shutting off my CD-RW driveMikeGamerX5-30-02  8:36 pm
Any help on this would be much appjim5-21-02  11:54 am
Installed a DVD Rom drive in addition to CD Rom drive Now my comput...C. Mata5-14-02  2:59 pm
My CD doesn't recognise Audio CD'sE.S.5-11-02  10:01 pm
CD ROM problemwin5-9-02  10:16 am
Installed new CD-Rom and now no bootV5-4-02  6:59 am
Here's a baffling problem for ya.Nick Sayce4-27-02  4:37 am
CD NO LONGER USABLE? Brand New CD-RW Written once?Kevin4-26-02  6:30 am
DVD Player to Computer?arthmowe4-12-02  1:48 pm
Help With Cd Writer! PLZ :)...arthmowe4-12-02  1:42 pm
Mitsumi CD-R not workingarthmowe4-12-02  1:39 pm
CD-RW ProblemsKevin4-12-02  8:08 am
Problem with Plextor 24XE.S.4-3-02  7:55 am
HELP. Cd writer killed my pcartubu10 3-12-02  12:22 pm
Installing CD RTrish3-6-02  4:05 am
Help! CD ROM gone!E.S.3-3-02  2:14 pm
CD_RW locking upE.S.2-23-02  12:45 pm
Old 4x cdrom installation!...Allen Fischer2-22-02  4:58 am
Problem while closing the Cd-ROM.V2-11-02  10:52 am
Added a 6.4 WD Hard Drive as Slave and lost my CD RomAndrew Koluch2-11-02  6:00 am
CD-RW is burning poor quality CDs.Kevin2-8-02  3:37 am
CD Revo Firewire 16x on a Mac... help?Jauja2-5-02  5:18 am
Rewriter thinks my files are music on the diskJauja2-5-02  5:07 am
Lost CD ROMsMatt Weston1-9-02  8:41 am
CD Rom and CD Burner Drives no longer recognized by Windows (ME)...Liz Shero1-1-02  5:54 pm
Hmm.. Now, Where Did My CD Drives go?!?!?!V11-29-01  7:35 am
CDR/RW/DVD drive activity light stays on without disk insertedV11-24-01  4:06 pm
Fdisked and Reformatted harddrive and now I cant boot to cdrom. V11-23-01  1:56 pm
Boot delay when adding cd-ralsan2211-14-01  5:20 pm
Need installation diskette for HP cd writer plus m820ematthew chapman11-5-01  6:42 am
No CD-ROM driver, no in CMOSV11-2-01  7:45 am
Setup Creative 12x iNFRA 18oo CD-RomV11-1-01  7:09 am
CDRom Drive Keyboard on old systemNicole Lancaster10-8-01  8:23 pm
New cd-rwmental impairment9-26-01  1:36 pm
Udma33 dvd and cdrw devices showing as pio 4 modeDave8-27-01  12:14 pm
My cd drive won't open!Dave8-27-01  12:09 pm
Help to Install SCSI CDROMDave8-13-01  4:07 pm
CD-ROM not detectederic1718-13-01  12:06 pm
After installing a second hard drive my CDRom and CDRW don't show u...win8-13-01  10:05 am
Zip-CD/RWatti2d7-27-01  3:05 pm
CDRom failuresV7-17-01  2:28 pm
Problems installing cdrw, comp will not boot get a black screenRob6-9-01  3:36 am
Laptop DVD Drives and decoder cards? needed or not?Jerold6-6-01  5:23 pm
Errors recording audio cdsrick caudill5-2-01  7:21 pm
NO AUTO DETECT ON BIOS TO CDROMDave4-29-01  11:38 am
Cdrom thinks everything is music!! help me out please!Ben Reader4-26-01  1:35 am
CD ROM- Tray stays openTrish4-25-01  2:33 pm
CD ROM PROBLEM HELP PLEASE!!Dave4-21-01  10:20 pm
Older Cd Rom 16 pin connectorCraig4-6-01  3:19 pm
CD-ROMRon4-3-01  9:08 pm
Creative CD-Romsmnkybiznes3-16-01  3:44 pm
Is my CD-Rom knackered?Katy R2-25-01  8:13 am
Trouble with a Compaq presario cds-633 recognize cd rom..julver2-4-01  6:31 am
Is a DVD a CD-r/w or are they different?Dave12-31-00  10:07 pm
CD rom missingwin12-26-00  12:07 pm
Creative Labs CDRom drive tray openingLoiki Belgium12-15-00  2:23 pm
Need help Setting up DVD using Trident Video Card and Creative PC-DVDAdam Emswiler9-18-00  8:23 am
I want to make a music CD-Rom from a cassette tape. . .How?Dikk9-9-00  6:50 am
Older Creative CDROMs compatibility/sound cardsDanny Albers7-22-00  8:46 pm
Dos wont recognise my cdrom letterDave7-11-00  7:27 pm
PLEXTOR 8/4/32a with WIN2kg n o m e6-28-00  12:25 am
Cd-rom driveDanny Albers6-19-00  7:46 am
Cdr with parallel port adapter problemsTrish6-12-00  2:07 am
DVD ROM not recognizing burned diskJErold12-10-99  5:40 am
Problems loading CD-ROM DriversDave11-20-99  12:11 am
CD-ROM won't work! Help?!Trish10-24-99  10:10 pm
Plextor 412 & daoTrish10-24-99  4:52 am
Can't recorddepova10-20-99  10:26 am
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