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Dead, Dying or Booting Problems

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This forum is for problems relating to a computer that is dead, dying, freezing up, won't boot, etc. You may enter any of the discussions below by clicking on the appropriate link. Or, to start a new discussion of your own, click on the "Create New Conversation" button at the bottom of the page.

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Computer wont turn onModerator 2-6-04  8:25 pm
Bootup CDRom recognition problem...but it works finechrinamint2-12-04  12:02 am
Machine restarts itself and freezes under pressureBobstar2-3-04  5:59 am
Computer times outRanier1-20-04  7:24 pm
Boot, show Win98 first screen, then DOS.Big Guy1-16-04  9:36 am
Boots till windowsTom1-15-04  11:48 pm
Blue Screen on StartupE.S.1-14-04  10:46 pm
New SetupModerator 12-29-03  8:14 am
Compaq armada won't boot, beep codes NAanthony12-25-03  10:57 pm
PC rebooting itself againguil12-16-03  9:02 pm
Compaq presario 1200 wont bootModerator 12-10-03  3:16 pm
Computer with sparks...E.S.12-9-03  4:38 pm
Tower will turn on but monitor and keyboard will notRia Loftus11-25-03  6:14 am
MSI MB unable to boot off UDMA/100 HDDE.S.11-15-03  7:15 am
Floppy disk error -- but there's no disk in the drive!E.S.10-30-03  7:13 pm
'Invalid system disk, replace the disk, and then press any key'...E.S.10-27-03  8:15 pm
Boot Failure with SATA and SCSI drivesE.S.10-23-03  5:06 pm
Computer hangs up when I start itsai10-5-03  7:28 pm
Installed W98, No floppy, No boot ?E.S.10-3-03  7:01 pm
Must press DEL to resume bootE.S.10-1-03  9:30 am
Nothing happens at bootTommy9-30-03  12:03 pm
Dead Machine?Jim9-22-03  1:01 pm
Computer Freezingsnazi8-28-03  12:38 pm
PC Boot problemsMatt 8-28-03  5:19 am
Giant spark from psu screwed ma whole machineE.S.8-21-03  6:54 pm
Error when boot up using Hard Drivebrandon8-19-03  11:05 pm
Computer won't start - some kind of power failureMatt 7-23-03  9:35 am
POST Problems, and it's not the ram!Mabon7-14-03  10:14 am
Wont Warm BootHarry7-4-03  12:27 pm
AT&T Computer boot up errorE.S.6-29-03  12:23 pm
Computer Won't PostE.S.6-6-03  10:55 am
Computor shutdownwriteduke5-30-03  9:59 am
Fans spin for a second and then nothingCaleb Ronsen4-28-03  12:21 pm
Booting ProblumNicholas4-25-03  8:34 pm
Bad Flash Now No beep No FloppyZadocH4-11-03  11:01 am
Stop Errors, Reinstall, and RaidVince Sadowski4-8-03  5:00 pm
Computer reboots itself within seconds of bootingG.Darkblade4-7-03  6:50 pm
Computer reboots itselfG.Darkblade4-7-03  6:47 pm
Crying over a Shuttle nForce2 small form factor systemG. Darkblade4-7-03  6:42 pm
Pc does't bootwin2-22-03  11:15 pm
Boot up problemswin2-20-03  9:20 pm
Dell Dimension 4100 problems...bob2-3-03  11:30 am
Bought nasa computers, system whiped off, will start up Jerry Wheeler23 1-26-03  6:19 pm
Continual trouble identifying problem bootingE.S.1-23-03  8:19 pm
Laptop no POST no displayHeli1-22-03  7:50 pm
Powering up Problembill1-9-03  6:04 pm
Reboot Loop after "Updating DMI Pool"e.s.12-24-02  2:43 pm
Brand new Home Built PC freezes when trying to load a OSAlaskaMark12-23-02  9:54 am
Problem with Master Boot Sector AlaskaMark12-23-02  9:34 am
HP NightmareCecil12-21-02  9:06 am
Compaq 5714, how do I get into setup?Cecil12-2-02  9:32 pm
Did I kill my mobo? (apologies if this is a double post)E.S.12-1-02  9:09 pm
PC Won't Turn Onopakurt11-15-02  9:27 am
Instant Death Without Warning - What Happened?Cecil11-13-02  11:19 am
Flashed BIOS freezes at "Update DMI information"willy10-29-02  9:04 am
Everything is fine but the comp won't boot properly Cecil10-10-02  9:09 pm
Strange problemzig9-6-02  4:42 am
Help-Win98 freezes on installationjc denton9-4-02  6:15 pm
Building computer problemzig9-4-02  10:46 am
Everex PO-6200 (EV18233) dead BIOSwin9-2-02  1:53 am
Mid-POST abrupt stopignatzmarblefinger8-30-02  11:35 pm
Computer still won't workWilly8-17-02  10:33 am
Computer won't workJoe10 8-14-02  12:35 am
Try and solve this one E.S.7-17-02  9:13 am
Complete power failureIan McKinnon16 7-16-02  6:44 am
Computer shuts off on it's ownwin7-13-02  4:30 pm
Random (?) rebootsv6-29-02  9:33 am
Please help Computer wont Bootv6-28-02  8:16 pm
Dead PCE.S.6-18-02  7:21 pm
No post, dying CPU fan, seems like serious troubleWilly6-18-02  10:14 am
Dell XPS R400..dead except for P/Supply fan......Sammy6-16-02  5:25 pm
My computer is as useful as toastLWD6-10-02  8:35 am
Start up problemskellin6-6-02  8:18 am
Help!!! Serious system crashwin5-26-02  10:36 pm
Think I have a dead hard drive!sapinho5-21-02  7:10 pm
Old AT style computer doesnt reboot anymore?Frank11 5-21-02  2:05 am
Computer Only starts one in every five timesKevin5-17-02  4:02 am
Computer Crashes/Reboots after 1-2 minutes after initial bootup!!E.S.10 5-11-02  10:09 pm
PC Crashed Now won't even Boot ! - Help - Pretty Pleasechristhomas5-10-02  11:13 am
Dead computerKevin5-10-02  7:20 am
Wont boot up, screen says "override DPMS"win5-9-02  6:19 pm
Pc wont boot until i push resetE.S.5-7-02  10:26 pm
Powers on, Fans continuous, kb lights..then zipJason5-3-02  10:37 pm
Computer crashing&re-booting under win/xp proV10 4-27-02  5:09 pm
Random lockupsV4-21-02  9:01 am
Blank screen at startupE.S.4-20-02  1:34 pm
Computer won't startJon Kuchler4-16-02  1:27 pm
Computer boots, but when in winXP (even the setup!) there's a conti...Sami Samhuri4-8-02  8:35 pm
Help Please! Computer freezes after Verifying Dmi Pool Datajb4-6-02  8:51 am
My Computer Keeps FreezingKevin23 4-5-02  3:38 am
Boot up problemTrish3-23-02  5:18 am
Boots intermitantly, cant figure out whats wrong...E.S.3-22-02  7:58 pm
P.C. asks to be shut down & boots up by itselfE.S.3-11-02  7:24 pm
System crash... continued.. replaced battery.... help!E.S.3-11-02  7:18 pm
My Computer will not start.E.S.2-26-02  3:16 pm
AMD system failing at setuprichard roessler2-19-02  10:23 am
Losing bios...........HELP, pleaseE.S.2-14-02  11:24 pm
PC does not boot up, some times!jcuevas2-11-02  7:04 pm
Cant get system to fire up, tried everything I know???GZecckine2-7-02  8:41 pm
My cpu has cpu booting up problemsE.S.1-27-02  9:35 pm
Computer stays at entering setup Matt Weston1-27-02  6:18 am
Computer has no lifeCrazyDan1-24-02  10:45 am
No beep codeE.S.1-17-02  2:53 pm
No power at all aghhhhhh!!!!!E.S.1-14-02  1:27 pm
Computer freezes up only vertical lines on monitorE.S.1-11-02  6:06 pm
System will not startMatt Weston1-8-02  6:07 am
Screen Keeps Freezing/Failing To Re-BootRob1-7-02  3:29 pm
Computer freezes up every 2-3 minutes?Rob1-3-02  9:06 pm
Freezes at initial boot screenDan R1-2-02  2:28 pm
Power up problemJohn Davies12-29-01  1:13 am
ATX power-on problemE.S.12-14-01  10:08 am
Comp restarts after being idle and intermittently while working.JEhrichs11 12-3-01  6:29 pm
Thinkpad wont bootDave11-19-01  6:05 pm
Computer rebootsPhilips10-27-01  6:58 am
Dead PC?V10-15-01  6:24 am
System Freezes every 8minutesBrent Hughes7-10-01  12:17 pm
'Power on' light stays on after shut downTrish7-5-01  8:31 am
NEC Versa 2635CD Won't BootTrish6-19-01  12:47 am
No boot after HD detectionmagical556-8-01  3:29 pm
Computer won't bootT. Yuch6-3-01  9:01 am
New computer won't boot/read floppyV5-10-01  6:10 pm
Random rebootingV5-3-01  5:40 pm
Booting problem - ?due to Code Page SettingsDave4-30-01  2:44 pm
Black Screen, NO BOOT :(jasper johnson8-20-00  11:35 pm
Computer won't 'Shut Down', just restartsDanny Albers7-27-00  8:55 pm
My PII Keeps Pooping OutDanny Albers13 4-19-00  1:15 pm
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