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Hard Drive and Storage Related

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This forum is for hard drive and storage related problems other than CD, CDR, CDRW, and DVD. You may enter any of the discussions below by clicking on the appropriate link. Or, to start a new discussion of your own, click on the "Create New Conversation" button at the bottom of the page.

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Drives Keep Going Bad....Moderator 2-23-04  8:09 pm
Bios wont detect HDTom2-11-04  1:07 pm
External drive no longer recognizedkernow2-9-04  7:13 am
Flash Drive not being recognizedModerator 2-9-04  8:21 am
Invalid system disk sagaModerator 2-1-04  9:05 pm
I have a HD that won't run!E.S.1-31-04  8:19 pm
Stop0x00000007b inaccessable_boot_deviceModerator 1-26-04  7:56 pm
External hard drive problemsDavidPaterson1-26-04  9:38 am
I've got the installing the scsi cd blues....E.S.1-20-04  7:23 pm
Adding second HD from another compfloday1-20-04  5:36 pm
Unable to assign a drive letter.Moderator 1-17-04  8:46 pm
Multiple Disk DrivesRanier1-15-04  10:26 am
I CAN NOT OPEN MY HARD DRIVEModerator 1-12-04  8:46 pm
Can't enter OSE.S.1-11-04  8:07 pm
Can't boot w/ slave drive connectedKen L1-10-04  4:35 pm
What is the hell is goin on!(hard drive problems)Ken L1-10-04  4:15 pm
2 harddrives with diff OS on same computer.Is it possible?? E.S.10 1-4-04  4:31 pm
Sun disk array and windowsdave cannon12-26-03  1:16 am
Spontaneously RebootingModerator 12-24-03  1:48 pm
Controller card and IRQModerator 11-28-03  7:48 am
Need advice/help with laptop harddriveE.S.11-13-03  10:04 pm
Operating system not foundE.S.10-17-03  10:17 pm
NTFS or FAT32? Whats better and whats the difference?E.S.10-11-03  8:53 pm
Disk drive problems :(...noname10-7-03  7:29 pm
Confusing Controller Cards!E.S.10-2-03  5:42 pm
I need help with a Qtech pcE.S.9-24-03  9:09 pm
Constant crc errorsrobt the bruce9-18-03  4:42 am
Erasing Hardwarerobt the bruce9-11-03  1:53 pm
Can't Delete empty folders in trash Big Guy8-18-03  1:20 pm
Bios & hard drivemadhu8-1-03  7:50 am
2 GBs of 80 GB Harddrive recognized by Win98SEE.S.7-28-03  6:42 pm
Hard drive backup problemMatt 7-11-03  1:26 pm
Hard Drive problem wont detectE.S.7-3-03  9:59 pm
Win 98 locks up when startingE.S.6-20-03  10:47 am
New Hard disk on same IDE cable. Problem!E.S.5-24-03  6:51 pm
Partition ProblemsJella3-27-03  1:44 am
Can not turn on my computer when i connect my harddriveWhite Onyx3-23-03  2:23 am
Best way to partition 40gig hard drive for optimum use and performanceWhite Onyx3-20-03  1:11 pm
Add IDE devicesKevin3-14-03  6:20 am
My D: Drive disappeared!Kevin3-14-03  6:15 am
PC not picking up HarddriveSteven3-13-03  2:56 am
Floppy DrivesKevin11 3-7-03  3:50 am
Hard drive AAAAAAAAAGGHHHHH!Kevin3-7-03  3:37 am
Hard drive data transferwin3-3-03  9:08 pm
Win 2K and Promise Ultra TX2 100 problem...E.S.2-28-03  9:52 pm
Hard Drive Upgrade, Help NeededBen2-27-03  5:30 am
EIDE ATA/100 - EIDE ATA/133 ???rutger2-15-03  4:53 am
Attaching laptop hard drive to desktop computerFloyd Hartog2-12-03  8:26 pm
My Brother gave me an older Dell Dimension XPS zp133c, is it possi...Arlene2-6-03  5:48 pm
Invalid system diskJay Meahl1-13-03  3:49 pm
Primary IDE Channel no 80 conductor cable installed...ay?Jay Meahl1-13-03  3:42 pm
Old Epson Recoverysorda1-10-03  10:10 pm
Can´t copy files from IDE 1 to IDE 2, system hangsKevin1-10-03  3:33 am
Enabling disabled floppy driveSneeln1-8-03  11:35 pm
Salvaging Harddrive Contentsdan the man12-29-02  9:19 pm
Maxtor 130GB HD shows up as 9Megs??sapinho12-26-02  11:57 pm
ATA/UDMA - compatibility questionE.S.12-15-02  8:20 pm
CHICONY MP-980 HDD Caddy infoCecil12-10-02  6:48 pm
40 GB Fujitsu drive stopped working, yet is recognised in BIOSCecil12-2-02  8:24 pm
Harddrive sometimes not detected by cmos on bootE.S.12-1-02  8:41 pm
My laptopE.S.11-18-02  9:03 pm
Matrox HDD problem......Phil Runeau10-26-02  11:00 am
Partition table!!!!!!win10-25-02  1:52 pm
No fixed disk presentwin9-27-02  2:05 pm
Hack a FloppyLana McHenry9-5-02  12:59 pm
Hard drive controller died. need replacement///HelpEric Balaise8-26-02  11:51 am
Want to have OLD HDD and NEW HDD...but???win8-18-02  1:11 am
Hard drive boot diskv8-17-02  5:49 am
6 GB HDD only formats to 1.9 GB without erase old OS.v7-5-02  7:07 pm
Need to clear HDD from XP (NTFS FILE SYSTEM)v6-30-02  9:28 am
Transfering from old to new HDwin6-4-02  12:35 pm
Compaq HDD on Non Compaq systemTrish6-4-02  1:58 am
TRUE Capacity specs needed!Trish6-4-02  1:50 am
Partitioning HD related question, pleaseTrish6-4-02  1:45 am
PBell Pulsar300 - HardDisk (Max size)E.S.5-31-02  9:23 am
HD Spontaniously makes wierd noises and comp hangs at BIOSGamerXMike5-30-02  8:37 pm
Is it possible to install a third HDDsapinho5-17-02  4:32 am
Hard drive doesn't spin (rest of system has power)Philippe XAVIER5-14-02  7:21 am
IDE and EIDEwin5-10-02  8:31 am
XP doesnt give drive letter to my slave HDDKevin5-10-02  4:12 am
WON'T DEFRAGV5-1-02  6:37 pm
Copying one hard drive to anotherbungle4-26-02  10:51 am
Data transfer, hard drive to hard drivepita21933-29-02  10:05 am
2nd hard drive not assigned drive letterE.S.3-25-02  9:31 pm
Hard drive space missingBungle3-23-02  9:07 am
HDD problem: not detecteds00pcan3-21-02  3:17 pm
HD being seen by CMOS, but is in "My Computer" screenE.S.3-19-02  5:55 pm
Setting up a master/slave drive + formating new drive !?cyman19 2-24-02  6:56 pm
Hard Drive Reliabilitycyman2-24-02  6:52 pm
DC6525 TapesE.S.2-23-02  8:38 am
Hard Drive HeatKevin2-22-02  6:14 am
STOP HARD DISK DRIVE ABUSE!!!!!!!Bill Ashley2-19-02  7:16 pm
Primary/secondary IDE controllers V2-14-02  6:22 pm
Help - Problems detecting HDE.S.2-10-02  9:46 pm
Defrag help?Bill2-8-02  9:14 pm
Bad MBR, caused by botched W2K repair effort.E.S.2-6-02  11:02 pm
Smoked control card on 2 HDD's (power supply blew on start-up)...Bob Howe2-6-02  7:02 pm
How to interface a laptop HDD to a desktop?clive garrett2-5-02  5:41 am
ATA66 or ATA100 setup?Bill1-31-02  9:53 am
HD problemsMatt Weston1-29-02  7:33 pm
FDD Won't Read/WriteE.S.1-28-02  9:54 am
A hard drive question....Rob1-27-02  10:55 pm
Lost file from floppyJohanna Burridge1-13-02  12:23 pm
Help needed moving old drives to new machineAJ1-4-02  10:20 am
Floppy drive (A) Light always on after computer repaired!Brett12-28-01  4:53 am
Error insufficent disc spaceJOHN DAVIES12-27-01  12:55 am
HD "DISK BOOT FAILURE"Brett12-24-01  6:53 pm
Hard drive not foundV12-5-01  3:26 pm
Win2k Boot Disk Failure-HelpDrake11-24-01  11:07 am
Fried Hard Drive ... Help!Dave11-20-01  9:45 am
Problem with BIOS detecting HDDV10 11-13-01  7:52 am
Transferring data from floppy to hard driveTrish11-12-01  8:41 pm
Installing A IBM Hard DriveKevin11-9-01  9:11 am
Hard drive not detectedKevin11-9-01  8:52 am
Hard drive wont work as slaveE.S.11-8-01  8:55 am
HDD Bad SectorAdam Low11-7-01  9:16 pm
Boot disk utility for NTFS?supercacaman11-7-01  1:48 pm
Harddrive sequencing questionxarxx11-2-01  2:43 pm
Fat 32V10-30-01  8:30 am
Atapi device faliureRob9-20-01  11:08 pm
Partition changed to Non-DOSRob9-20-01  10:58 pm
Floppy Disk ProblemV9-10-01  3:02 pm
Clearing my Hard drive completely and reinstalling windows 98win8-30-01  1:49 pm
Hdd fat errorV7-21-01  6:11 am
100Meg ZIP Drive locks up in ATX system with VIA Chipsetilurk7-7-01  8:21 pm
A Drive light continually on and not reading floppy diskOobieDoobie7-7-01  7:42 pm
Replace disk and hit any keywin6-27-01  4:54 pm
SCSI Hardware problemManfred_Preussig5-25-01  2:25 am
SCSI Partition lost !! HELP ME !!Manfred_Preussig5-25-01  2:13 am
Losing Partitionstom walthrop5-20-01  8:23 pm
invalid partition errorPaul S5-16-01  1:37 pm
(Age old) Problem with Floppy drive reading boot disk.Andrew5-14-01  4:27 am
HDD not show in Windows 98Trish4-14-01  3:23 pm
Suitability of existing System for additional Hard DriveRoy Davies4-10-01  11:41 am
Transfering HD contents to new computorJoe3-31-01  10:56 am
Western Digital Caviar Drive - EZ-Drive softwareLeon W Brockman3-24-01  9:43 pm
HDD VIRTUAL FAILURErob walker3-20-01  11:13 am
Has my hard drive had it?Trish2-20-01  1:58 pm
ReformatTrish2-19-01  3:49 am
E drive will become D driveKaty R2-13-01  1:41 pm
New HD installed but can't run Apps installed on it.....Dave1-16-01  10:39 pm
Missing IDE devices. Please Help!omar fuschini1-9-01  1:17 pm
Is my hard drive 13 GB or 15 GB?dannyalbers12-4-00  1:03 pm
Invalid system disk during boot???dannyalbers11-27-00  4:44 pm
3.5 drive reading as 5 1/4.. why?Mike11-25-00  9:27 pm
Hard drive detection or ide channel problemdannyalbers11-25-00  2:39 pm
Hard disk ibm wdl330pdannyalbers11-25-00  2:35 pm
Broken pin on Hard Drivedannyalbers11-25-00  2:29 pm
Removing assigned drive letters/partitionsTrish11-9-00  7:53 am
Second HHD problemsTrish9-23-00  10:02 pm
Lost partitionDave9-16-00  10:02 pm
Strange noise coming from hard drive...Adam Emswiler8-28-00  1:21 pm
Diskette drive 0 seek error??Craig7-18-00  1:03 am
Is there a way to connect a notebook harddrive to a PCAdam Emswiler6-26-00  12:38 pm
Adding an IDE HD to a SCSI systemRom6-15-00  4:12 pm
To Partition or not to Partition,,That is the question...Tom6-15-00  4:09 pm
Scsi target errorDave6-15-00  12:44 am
Pcmia in a desktop?Adam Emswiler5-24-00  5:43 am
Help! Floppy Drive and Mouse have Disapeared!Danny Albers5-15-00  1:41 pm
System does not see my EIDE Ultra 66 hard drive. EMS5-14-00  8:07 pm
Partition help!Danny Albers4-24-00  6:06 pm
UDMA/66 on hard drive on UDMA/33 controller???Danny Albes4-19-00  12:40 pm
Lost My Floppy...Jerold4-18-00  6:42 am
Quantum Hard Drive and HP...JOHN HALL1-25-00  7:00 pm
Advice needed for a SCSI setupDave12-1-99  2:55 pm
Adaptec 2940 UW SCSI problem Dave11-19-99  11:48 pm
SCA to Ultra2 conversionRuss10-22-99  11:17 am
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