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Video Related Problems

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This forum is for problems relating to anything video. Video cards, monitors, etc. You may enter any of the discussions below by clicking on the appropriate link. Or, to start a new discussion of your own, click on the "Create New Conversation" button at the bottom of the page.

  Thread Last Poster Posts Pages Last Post
Driver for onboard videoModerator 2-20-04  9:57 pm
8x agp in 4x slotE.S.2-14-04  11:11 pm
Display breaks down with both battery and mains connectedClare Watson2-12-04  11:39 pm
Monitor not working...Bug2-12-04  7:52 am
Need for speed Underground fries video card!?!?!?!?!Moderator 2-11-04  9:07 am
IBM E54 monitor resolution prob after clean installing win98SEModerator 2-6-04  8:18 pm
Strange AGP Display problemjbaum20002-10-04  10:58 pm
Acorp mobo onboard videorandy14 1-30-04  4:05 pm
Reduced Resolution on SIS730 chipsetRanier10 1-29-04  9:36 pm
Viper V330 on IBM 300 GL 300MHZ, Bios Startup ProblemED1-29-04  12:08 pm
Onboard videoBikramjit1-29-04  9:15 am
K7sem mainboard and nvidia GeForce FX 5600 causes tweakfestModerator 1-25-04  8:23 pm
Onboard SiS video problemWayne Lewis20 1-23-04  8:00 pm
S-Video to tv...HELP!taylorphillips1-16-04  9:06 pm
AGPWayne Lewis1-15-04  2:40 am
TNT 2 video card flicker probsE.S.1-12-04  8:30 pm
MY SCREEN IS PURPLE!Ken L1-10-04  4:09 pm
G Force 2 100/200E.S.1-6-04  8:01 pm
No 3d on video card any moreantikz1-4-04  2:28 pm
Strange display problemE.S.1-3-04  6:28 pm
Screen coruption on startup with instability in windows oRioN1-3-04  12:17 am
8X AGP VoltageoRioN2-17-04  7:02 pm
"Out of Scan Range" messageModerator 12-18-03  3:15 pm
Onboard video burnt out....E.S.12-9-03  4:41 pm
Ati Radeon Compatability?E.S.12-5-03  8:10 pm
Which 3dfx card do I have?E.S.12-3-03  6:48 pm
SIS 630/730 no signal on TV-OUT at GERICOMsimon11-30-03  1:08 pm
Direct3d and openGL is grayedE.S.11-28-03  7:42 am
800x600 resolution on Win3 comp is all screwy...E.S.11-17-03  7:49 pm
ACE DRIVERE.S.11-12-03  9:46 pm
Video driver messing up Windows 98E.S.11-5-03  3:59 pm
How to connect a monitorE.S.11-5-03  9:32 am
Need help ? radeon 9800 pro orpkorion11-3-03  8:08 am
Display problem after reformatjohnny h11-3-03  1:36 am
halo has problem runninggreenborg10-26-03  1:14 pm
Video problem - distortion - random - AMD k6-2 450 64mgpawankumar34 2-2-04  7:39 am
How do you install standard vga driver in Windows XP?michael dias2-8-04  5:20 pm
No display on boot k7s5a ati allinwonderalex9-14-03  12:45 am
No Video SignalDT2-6-04  5:44 pm
Flashing green light - no monitor pictureNicksayce 8-29-03  12:44 am
ATI 9200 256MB Major problemsNicksayce 12 8-28-03  8:40 am
Mysterious connector on Video CardE.S.8-19-03  10:32 pm
GeForce Win XP problemE.S.8-18-03  7:18 pm
A strange problem I can't solveIdo Almog8-8-03  4:43 am
Display is not workingE.S.7-17-03  7:29 pm
Weird display behaviourWerwerf7-10-03  11:25 pm
Odd display problemE.S.7-9-03  8:42 am
Duel monitor problemwesley7-7-03  2:10 pm
No 3D accelerationzamphanks14 6-17-03  8:15 pm
Heatsink Detached from Video CardPDavidson6-9-03  6:52 pm
Nvidia Riva TNT2 won't accept drivers!!E.S.6-8-03  7:06 pm
Are 8X AGP slots backwards compatible with 2X and 4X cards?E.S.5-26-03  10:56 pm
Dreadful "Glitch": Experienced Computer freak out of answers ;(...Tristan5-17-03  6:54 am
How do I increase AGP data rate??Matt5-15-03  1:42 pm
Is there any way you can...Matt5-15-03  1:27 pm
Monitor Screen Darkeningcometeight4-21-03  6:57 pm
'Digital' Monitor PCXBV-FY not workingJames Stanley4-17-03  5:10 am
Using TV as a monitorKevin4-11-03  8:27 am
Fuzzy screen distortions all new stuffKevin4-11-03  8:15 am
Ddr , sdr...same?buck4-5-03  5:36 pm
Agp (pci mode) is totally *%#@ing me!E.S.3-28-03  1:54 pm
Monitor goes off after bios....Reubs3-25-03  10:07 am
PC works, no monitorRob15 1-31-04  8:52 am
Monitor brightness issue.... E.S.3-18-03  10:38 pm
Win 98 VideoBig Guy3-5-03  6:22 am
Error Message -- Check Signal CableKevin2-7-03  3:42 am
Visiontek Xtasy Ti4200 fan replacementE.S.1-28-03  8:44 pm
My Laptop's screen image is too small!win1-26-03  12:32 pm
Nothing shows up on the monitor when windows is loadedcomputune20021-24-03  4:26 pm
TV OUT, cant get it working this time round...Khorasks1-9-03  10:58 pm
Screen resolution help on Compaq Presario 7360Jolycu12-18-02  8:20 pm
Everex ExploraCecil12-5-02  11:14 am
Geforce4 problemsDave Williams11-29-02  11:29 am
My laptop...Cecil11-18-02  4:05 pm
PNY GeForce Ti 4200 OpenGL problemCecil11-17-02  8:47 pm
Unable to view bios/dos during start upCecil11-11-02  9:23 pm
Win 95 displayCecil11-11-02  8:55 pm
Graphics crad will only run in pci mode not agpE.S.11-10-02  9:40 pm
Need 2 ID second vid card on PC.....E.S.11-10-02  9:26 pm
Error message please helpwin11-10-02  11:06 am
No video, agp or pci??????Cecil10-31-02  10:52 pm
VIDEO HALTING, NEW CARD AND ALLwin10-5-02  11:11 pm
Win98 effectsGerod Hall11 9-26-02  2:02 pm
AGP Evil Kyro 3D 64MB w/TV Out - No 3DJames Pike9-4-02  3:43 pm
Conflicting Monitor device with Geforce4 Help??????win9-2-02  5:50 pm
GEFORCE2 MX/MX400 PROBLEM HELP!!!win8-28-02  9:40 am
Zenith 17inch all greenJames Pike8-28-02  7:28 am
Dpms off modewin8-25-02  3:44 pm
What monitor suits MS Flight Simulator best???E.S.7-11-02  10:06 pm
LCD offlarry7-4-02  8:44 pm
Duron agpx4 tnt2 video problem please help meE.S.6-25-02  9:21 am
Color displaywin6-7-02  6:33 pm
NO display Frost5-28-02  1:12 pm
Problem with GeForce 4 Ti4200win5-19-02  12:59 pm
Bypassing onboard video chipsets?gothix5-18-02  9:12 pm
Help! 16 colors, can't changeV5-6-02  3:37 pm
Screen sizebob4-26-02  2:39 pm
Video card overclockingV4-20-02  10:52 am
Colors on monitor extending from right side of objects.charanjeet4-11-02  1:45 am
Monitor doesn't get signalE.S.4-8-02  11:05 am
Best video card for athlonE.S.3-5-02  9:17 pm
Nvidia Tnt2 jumpers config.E.S.2-18-02  9:41 pm
Monitor won't sleep in Windows XP ProRay2-11-02  4:02 am
Compaq upgrade for nividia vanta to Geforce 2 mx200 prbE.S.2-10-02  11:48 am
AGHHH!!!! NO VIDEOV2-9-02  7:42 am
My monitor wont turn on when i turn on my compaljpson2-6-02  5:00 pm
LCD's- TFT or HPAaljpson2-6-02  4:50 pm
Cant get monitor loose from computer. looks like the screws on sid...E.S.2-5-02  1:40 pm
Extending Monitor Reach With a HD15 to BNC ConvertorE.S.1-23-02  9:31 pm
Switched video adapters-help pleaseE.S.1-21-02  8:45 pm
Mac Monitor to PC troubleWanda Mazur1-19-02  10:23 am
Please help me install new 3d cardAcidwarp011-6-02  9:50 pm
Monitor failing after resetE.S.1-5-02  9:13 pm
My monitor doesnt work with my upgraded systemLadyhoo1-2-02  10:27 pm
Monitor no go! PLZ HELPAJ12-31-01  10:02 am
Very strange monitor behavior.. please help!Brett12-28-01  8:30 am
Please help i get this error: "the drive file that displays items c...limix12-17-01  8:16 am
Hercules Graphic Card ProblemKevin11-30-01  6:14 am
NVIDIA MX 200 PERFORMANCE..?Kevin11-23-01  4:16 am
PII with geforceII MX too slowKevin11-9-01  8:27 am
Video card wont installmatthew chapman11-8-01  12:26 am
Display Bootup ProblemRoberto10-28-01  2:31 pm
Allocating memory for on-chip AGP videoBrent Hughes10-18-01  10:11 pm
Monitors four corners are green and purpleMichael10-15-01  6:06 pm
Computer to TV image problemTrish9-24-01  3:29 pm
New video cardsTrish9-24-01  3:10 pm
Vertcial lines on streaming videoV9-18-01  3:59 pm
Laptop Display ProblemV9-16-01  12:55 pm
Bad video bios flash on diamond monster fusion (voodoo banshee) boa...Elric9-15-01  10:57 am
Can GeForce 256's be repaired?V9-12-01  6:22 pm
Geforce2 MX 200 & OLLLD MonitorV9-8-01  1:10 pm
Monitor Screen Gone Black - NEC MultiSync 95V9-4-01  5:33 pm
Video problemDavid8-24-01  7:24 pm
Help, new video card freezes boottwalbert8-10-01  3:24 pm
My Monintor Won't show anything_HELP!!!twalbert8-10-01  3:19 pm
Problems with Graphics card.twalbert8-10-01  3:09 pm
HELP! Monitor colors are screwy!Gary Erford7-26-01  5:04 am
Packard Bell Multimed VIDEO?????V7-23-01  6:52 am
T V Outputwin7-16-01  10:38 am
Which dazzle card is the correct one?Brent Hughes6-28-01  2:34 pm
Software for monitor controls?Trish6-21-01  12:00 am
My Monitor doesn't show anything!Trish6-20-01  11:55 pm
Wont boot displayDragan6-8-01  9:07 pm
No data to monitorV5-9-01  1:34 pm
Radeon 3-D card install in a H. P. XE783. I dont have a clue.Dave B.4-11-01  3:04 pm
Hercules 3D Prophet II MX graphics card suitabilityDave4-7-01  9:36 pm
Paradise Pipeline 64ComputerHope4-6-01  3:25 am
Accelarator cardDave3-21-01  7:36 pm
TNT2 8Mb PCI Only Works Some Motherboards?JL3-15-01  10:02 am
CGA-VGA converterunitron2-13-01  1:06 am
Need some assistance with video card/motherboard dilemmaTom2-8-01  4:12 pm
What kind of hardware is out there fo video conferencing?Dave Kirkwood2-5-01  7:04 am
Monitor clicks on and off due to video card.Trish2-5-01  6:01 am
Voodoo and cyrix ????Gabriel L.G.2-4-01  5:55 am
Monitor ProblemDave1-21-01  5:54 pm
3DFX voodoo 3000 help neededDave1-16-01  10:52 pm
Extreme video choppiness. 3-4 fpsDave1-3-01  4:18 am
GeForce 2 GTS problemswin12-22-00  2:32 pm
Monitor problemTrish10-23-00  9:35 pm
Strange "Shadows" eminating from everything! Probably a video card...~~~~~~~~~~10-23-00  1:45 pm
Display and powerAdam Emswiler8-30-00  5:47 am
No displayjoselouies8-29-00  1:29 pm
New video card--now hardware DVD decoder won't workDanny Albers7-26-00  5:20 am
Can Win98 run with no monitor?Dave7-10-00  3:18 pm
Diamond ViperV770 ultra, Win98 and a Mitsubishi Diamondtron MonitorSimon K6-29-00  5:13 am
Viper550 wont work in Win95 1st releaseDave6-12-00  1:37 pm
Video Card problemsDanny Albers6-1-00  6:07 am
Video card problemDanny Albers5-29-00  6:44 am
Video card troubles... please help!Danny Albers5-22-00  6:35 am
Orchid Prodesigner II Video CardDanny Albers5-18-00  7:05 pm
Does my GeForce Video Card hate my Athlon????tom5-8-00  12:31 am
Screen Shows No SignalDanny Albers5-6-00  6:21 pm
Hardware not detected (Video Capture Board)Danny Albers4-19-00  1:36 pm
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