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Annoying exception error

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Vera (Vera)
Posted on Saturday, October 28, 2000 - 8:57 am:   

i've been getting this message with some different programs (traitors gate(game)and most recently a trial version of nuts and bolts)

exception 00 at 0028:C91fB587 in VxD DiskTSD(03) + 00001Dff.called from 0028:C91fBA84 in VxD voltrack(04 + 00000000. it may be possible to continue normally. press any key to continue.

i can never continue always have to scandisk

i tried re-installing game in question
i tried reinstalling directx and (quick time which this game uses). neither things worked

now with the same thing happening with nuts and bolts i don't think it's having anything to do with directx or quicktime or bad installs

how do you deal with this type of exception.i don't really want to format if there is a fix.i've searched micro soft knowledge base and couldn't find this particular error. i contacted tech support for the game, their suggestions
didn't work either.has anyone out there come across this and know how to deal with it? any input will be appreciated

my system:
win 95b
amdk6-2 400 cpu (patch installed)
128 meg ram
48x cd rom drive
3dfx voodoo3 2000 video card w/ 16 meg ram agp
sound blaster 16 pci audio
us robotics 56k modem isa
Posted on Saturday, October 28, 2000 - 10:31 am:   

the error message indicates something to do with the harddrive. 0028:xxxxxxx; the 0028 is the drive. for example, if you get an error oe 0028:xxxxxxxx, it means an output was expected, and it wasn't. your voltrack.vxd seems to be the problem, or symptom. it's a virtual device driver.

the rest of it is the memory address. got a question: what programs, if you do, do you have running in the backround while playing the games? it would help to know.
Vera (Vera)
Posted on Saturday, October 28, 2000 - 12:32 pm:   

i have tried eliminating all but explorer and systray from running but that didn't help.
what do you think about extracting another copy of voltrack.vxd
Posted on Sunday, October 29, 2000 - 11:16 am:   

you could try it. also, i remembered something, does your system run hot? as in heat? that would give errors. if so, then i would consider getting some extra cooling for the computer.

mine runs hot because of the high speed drives, etc. i have fans everywhere, but it's not enough. i think i might have to go to a refrigerated case. i need to find a reasonable one pricewise. full tower, 300w power supply minimum. any suggestions from anyone that reads this?
Vera (Vera)
Posted on Monday, October 30, 2000 - 10:35 am:   

well i've been wondering how hot is too hot? for a short while there i was having a problem with my cd games just shutting down completely after playing for an extended period so i checked the temp. which was running around 130 f. my bios has 140 shutdown. so i applied heatsink compound and that helped with that problem.i've been searching around for others with this problem and possible solutions. most i'm finding are getting 0E exceptions very few i've found are 00. i've found suggestions to upgrade my bios. that would involve flashing .never done that and until i have a second computer for standby (which i'm working on) i think i'll think about it and do more research on it.but if 130 degrees is running too hot then i'll definitely get another fan

do you think vmm32.vxd could have anything to do with it? also this is an error that happens at a specific area in that certain game so it is an error that i know when it's going to happen and it is repeatable
Posted on Monday, October 30, 2000 - 3:50 pm:   

vmm32.vxd could be a problem. if it gets too bad, then you might look at the ram, also. if this is indeed the case, then you should replace your ram and reinstall windows.just replacing the ram is not enough. i went through this with microsoft tech support. i did have to reinstall windows after replacing bad ram. actually, it was incompatible ram. but, no difference. it has the same effect.
R Verhaeg
Posted on Tuesday, October 31, 2000 - 7:18 pm:   

I had the same problem after installing CD-RW software...both Hotburn and DirectCD. I got rid of the BSOD's by slowing my hardware acceleration. You have 4 settings in hardware acceleration...back of one notch, reboot...and see if that solves it. If not, back off one more notch, reboot and see if it solves it. I had to back off 2 notches before the system stabilized.

Good luck.
Vera (Vera)
Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2000 - 10:43 am:   

hi again
i've been busy trying different things

1.tried booting to safemode with cdrom support to see if this problem could be hardware or software related.tied to run the game to see if the same thing happens in safemode but the game wouldn't run no luck
2.extracted voltack.vxd no luck
3.extracted disktsd.vxd still no luck
4.exracted vmm32.vxd really no luck here because windows wouldn't even load. fortunately i renamed all the files i was replacing so i could put things back the way they were. oh well at least things are no worse than before

always backup before making those changes!!

i have tried the hardware acceleration that didn't work
next i'll check the ram and keep on trying. maybe formating (grumble) will do it
thanks for the input
Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2000 - 1:42 pm:   

got one more thing, are there any updates or patches that you may need for the games? you might try checking for updates to win95b. if you want, try doing a clean install of win98 (go buy the upgrade, it's cheaper, install win98 and when the program asks for a qualifying product, insert your win95b cd. after it verifys it, you can continue the installation of win98. win98 has the patch for the amd processor. go to windows update and install the rest of the updates in the order of dates they came out.

check for updates for drivers to the hardware, they also might need tweaking. check for bios updates, also.

sounds like a lot. but since i don't know what motherboard you have, it does make it difficult to pin down.
Vera (Vera)
Posted on Friday, November 3, 2000 - 5:48 am:   

the motherboard is tyan trinity 100at s1590 v.1.12b 082098
award bios v4.51pg
also how hot is to hot for the system to run
i checked to see if there are patches (games)and at that time there were none but i'm going to check back
Vera (Vera)
Posted on Monday, November 27, 2000 - 12:08 pm:   

just thought i'd let you know things are back in order. i bit the bullet and did a fresh install(fdisk,format)and things are running a-ok.

i tried to re-install win95b and re-run just the files that had changed but setup wouldn't let me bacause i had internet explorer 5 and couldn't go back to IE 3.setup said i needed an updated version of setup.exe. has anyone heard of an obtainable updated version? i looked briefly but decided to get on with a new install.

also a thought on the amd patch for win95b.
when i first upgraded to amdk6 2-400 and installed the patch (1 year ago) the first couple of days i got a few error msgs. i then reran the patch and that straightened things out. till the VxDs exceptions recently. i'm wondering did installing and uninstalling different programs and adding different hardware make changes to files that the amd patch accessed and modified for it's own use making things unstable? and would re-running the patch again straighten things out. it's to late to know now since things have been formatted.BUT when i run into errors again thats going to be one of the first things i try.
i enjoy coming to this site
see ya
Posted on Monday, November 27, 2000 - 4:46 pm:   

VxD errors are usually the result of drivers, and the patch may have over written some of these driver files, causing the problem, or..

Could be a simple case of device/software incompatiblity.

But yes... VxDs are driver related in some way, so adding/removing hardware can lead to these troubles. Usually you can download and use the latest drivers to clear up VxD errors. Sometimes you have to isolate the offending driver, and look for older version, odd, but it works some times.

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