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Trish's Escape from Hardware Hell Computer Help



New Resource  Guide to Computer Vendors
SBA Consulting® has compiled links to thousands of hardware, software, web references, game sites, ISP's, web designers and various types Value Added Resellers.

Andrew's Web Resources - Computer Hardware Page
This page has links to computer parts and peripherals manufacturers as well as to sites with other technical information.

Motherboard Manufacturers / Vendors Directory
As the title states...An attempt of maintaining a way to get motherboard support information. Some will have multiple sites, some the epitome of any help but at least a way to contact.

The Ultimate Industry Connection; Information and Support Sites
Great collection from... check this out...James Lumber & Ace Hardware! Computer hardware & software manufactures, information and support resources. The 1200+  links also include Ftp, Newsgroups, and Magazines sites on the Web. 

Manufacturer Info
Addresses and contact info of  BIOS Mfgs, BIOS Upgrade Service, Chipset Mfgs, Hard Disk Drive Mfgs, CPU/NPU Mfgs, Diagnostics Mfgs, Mainboard Mfgs and also IT Organizations. Provided by Matrix Technologies.

ZDNet Company Finder
Company locater, computer companies and their products. Different options for your search. Search by product, name, category etc.

Global Computing, Inc. - Computer Industry Manufacturers' Home Pages
Select the first letter of the company's name: search.

CompInfo - Manufacturers' Online Support Services
Direct Connection to Online Support Services Provided by Hardware & Software Manufacturers and then some.

Hardware, Microprocessors, semiconductors Software manufacturer etc. (great, simple & "long" list)

Guide to Computer Vendors
Listing of most of the major hardware and software vendors currently on the Web.


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