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NEW2.GIF (284 bytes)  Pocket PC Magazine
You'll find a Buyers Guide, downloads, tips, news, reviews and articles for the users of Pocket and Handheld PCs. If you still need more, make sure and check out their Best Links.

Provides in-depth, lab-tested product reviews, help, and how-to advice that is now organized by subject to make it easier to find things in your area of interest.

Computer User (formerly Computer Currents)
Quite a bit of good information and resources here. Just dig around a bit.

Smart Computing
Plain English computing tips and how-to information for computer users of all skill levels. Known for their Learning, Guide and Reference series on any decent newsstands.

PC Answers (UK)
Actually, I have never even peeked at the magazine, but they have a great website for all around help with your PC. Part of the Future Network.

Upgrading & Repairing PCs Tenth Anniversary Edition
Now online, great book for upgrading, repairing, maintaining, and troubleshooting computers by Scott Mueller. Each section explains common and not-so common problems, what causes problems, and how to handle them. 

PC Gamer
Get the latest stories, download demos, get patches, reviews, forums and much more. If you are into gaming...check this site out. Another Imagine Media great publication.

The best Mac magazine out there. Great hands on reference. Detailed upgrading and troubleshooting instructions. Product reviews, etc.

Network Magazine Online
Practical and bottom line information for networking and IT professionals.

PC Magazine Online
Issue archives, best downloads, up to date PC info & reviews etc.

Byte Online Home Page
Tells you new products that are planning on coming to the computer market, reviews different products, games, and other programs.

Wired News
Magazine that gives you all the latest fun and informative information on computer technologies.

Welcome to PC World Online
Talks about all new things coming out to the market also features Q&A were it is featuring questions and answers from readers. Review's on different computer product's, and much more.

Internet World
Information about the Internet.  New things on the Internet, new tricks in HTML, various Internet information and other computer information.

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