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AMIDiag Suite 2.0 - Installation

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AMIDiag Review  
AMIDiag Suite 2

Trish's Escape from Hardware Hell Computer Help



Intro | Features | Installation | Windows Options | e-machine | Conclusion


Windows Ver. 2
Installing the program is easy enough, as in the previous version, there is an option to install the Windows or DOS version. I am running Windows XP Pro primarily, so I started with the Windows version on my main computer, a VIA chipset based Pentium 3 system.

Well, as it turns out the first install went not nearly as expected for a diagnostic program. The initial setup appeared to go O.K. and after a few of the tests were run, instant blue screen and memory dump, reboot and instant memory dump again before XP had a chance to load. After a quick restoration, everything went fine, but it was an unexpected problem and I never did pin point what caused it.

Installation on the second machine went much smoother, an AMD Athlon system with an AMD chipset running Windows 2000.

DOS Ver. 6.20
As far as DOS implementation, the program is and always has been top notch. As in the previous version in any NT environment, only two options for DOS installation are available (#1 and #4) See Figure 3.

  1. Installation to a Hard Disk.

  2. Install AMIDiag to a hard disk and create a bootable floppy to run directly from this installation.

  3. Create a bootable floppy to run AMIDiag directly from the CDROM.

  4. Create two AMIDiag floppy diskettes.

AMIDiag DOS v.6.20 Installation Options
Figure 3. AMIDiag DOS v.6.20 Installation Options

Windows 98SE as a platform for the AMI diagnostics software requires a couple of reboots* to update and configure program settings, so if the Operating System is unstable you may want to run the diagnostic from DOS to eliminate any hardware driver instability. Trying to load and run any diagnostic on an unstable platform will generally cause lockups or crashes before you can get started.

*NOTE: If your Windows Installer is not a current version, this must be updated before the program installation begins. The file is on the disk.

*NOTE: An error can occur when you run AMIDiag for Windows if you do not have version 3.0 of Microsoft's XML Parser installed. This file is also on the disk.



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