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Motherboard Manufacturers / Vendors Directory

Older Motherboard Manuals
Manuals for A-trend, Fordlian, Full Yes, Edom, Superpower, QDI, Freetech / Flexus,  Chicony,  and other hard-to-find boards. 

Hacking Your Password
When you really need to hack your password...You must discharge the CMOS. This article covers an assortment of ways to do this. (At your own risk of course.)

BIOS Central
Great source for machine specific BIOS post codes and beep codes. Should be Post Code Central, but more BIOS content is expected soon.

The BIOS Web
Rundown of the BIOS including, how to identify, upgrade info, how POST operates, error messages, beep codes, setup utility info and much more. Plenty of other references. Worth checking out.

Adrian's Rojak Pot "BIOS Optimization Guide
Explains various settings in the BIOS Features Setup , Chipset Feature Setup, Integrated Peripherals and the cool part is the comments section. Site has changed some. Dig around.

The Bios Companion
Extracts from The BIOS Companion, the book that should come with your motherboard - it explains in plain English all the things you wanted to know about those secret settings, and more! The information is well presented and is well above A+ standard.

Weekly BIOS Tweaks
This page is only possible with the "valuable" input of  Phil Croucher, author of  "The BIOS Companion" Here are new extracts each week. (or any other info that Phil decides to throw our way, for getting the most from our computers.)

Wim's Bios Page
Allot of coverage. company lists, flash BIOS, message board etc.

Motherboard Manuals Data and More
Hey, Web Head Quarters is back! Great site for finding info and manuals for 486 and older Pentium motherboards. Diagnostic Software Tools, bios info, testing tips and more.

Identify Your Motherboard (Award)
Part of the BIOS serial number identifies the vendor: Wim has a great breakdown of vendors by translating your bios. Also, plenty of other BIOS related material.

Identify Your Motherboard (AMI)
How to translate from the who made your motherboard for AMI based BIOS. Also, plenty of other BIOS related material.

The Flash BIOS Site
If you want general info about flash bios, want information about flash bios programmer devices or if yours is dead and it must be re-programmed, Arthur Kerkmeester will do it for $5. Chip and MB  mfgrs. If you have an EPROM burner, you'll love this site.

Motherboard Home World
Manufacturers, Chips, Vendors, Reviews, Recommendations, Buying Secrets, Search, Chipsets, Mobo ID tools and more. (IMHO, Spot was better.)

PCGuide - Ref - System BIOS
The system BIOS is the lowest-level software in the computer; it acts an interface between the hardware (especially the chipset and processor) and the operating system.

Motherboard Manual Page
"Great" collection of slightly older motherboard manuals! Allot of good info on motherboards, BIOS, upgrading etc. From House of Hall.

Unicore Software
BIOS upgrades for your Award, Mr. Bios, Phoenix and AMI. Good info in their support area.  Most of their info comes from the book above, The BIOS Companion.

FTP root at
BIOS for AMI boards, Upgrades & Manuals, other manuals, tech tips,  Mega Raid, Utility etc. Good ftp if you know what you are looking for.

The AMI Bios Survival Guide
The guide is a little dated, but still an incredible source of information. There are a number of places suggested to find further information, This information was edited by Jean-Paul Rodrigue and Phil Croucher and represents the work of many contributors.

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