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Storage Review attempts to address a topic that seems sadly neglected in the online community: hard disk and storage-related performance. No, they're not glamorous. No, we can't come up with loads of interesting screen shots and pictures (hard drives tend to look very similar to one another after a while). Hard drive performance is, however, vital to the overall performance of your PC.

The Whole Drive Guide
Advice for the gigabyte-addicted: How to upgrade to today's best and biggest--or keep your current hard disks running smoothly.

SCSI Planet Hard Drive Comparisons
Comparison of 150+ SCSI hard drives with a link directly to the manufacturers information and datasheets. You'll also find plenty of other SCSI info here.

Maxtor Interactive Jumper Guide
Well, obviously, they haven't made it any easier for the user since the most popular search words these days seem to be "Maxtor jumper settings". What is it about these guys not putting the simple little diagram on the drive?

ISA Multi-input/output Controller Cards Support
Can't find jumper settings for those old controller cards laying around? You might check here. I love Gigagon Data Corp's motto...striving to eliminate the nightmares of zero-support products.

Hard Drive Technology and Data Recovery
Excellent article "Data Removal and Erasure From Hard Drives" Also info on history, design, controllers, interfaces, Explained well from Data Recovery Labs.

Western Digital Drive Parameters
(including obsolete)

The BIOS IDE Harddisk Limitations
This article targets at these PCs that have a system BIOS dated from 1992 to 1998 which can limit the usable capacity of your new drive.

Quick Guide to a Win98 Fresh Start fdisk and reformat
This is a very simple, but adequate guide for starting fresh in Win98. Fdisk seems to needlessly puts the scare in us. If you have formatted your drive without fdisk...then you haven't done a real format at all.

SCSI Info Central
Gary Fields gives you the latest SCSI FAQ, SCSI Game Rules and other SCSI related stuff. The FAQ has a very nice layout. You almost forget it is a white paper. This guy knows his SCSI.

PC-Disk; Hard Drive Database
Incredible resource! A little confusing at first on picking model #'s, but dig a little further & you will be pleasantly surprised. "Big" hard disk database with over 5.000 disks, jumper settings and layouts! It passed my torture test w/ flying colors. Old, new, network, SCSI, etc.

Dan Kegel's Fast Hard Drives Page
It seems that the most important consideration in a disk drive is its rotation speed. 4500 to 5400 are no longer common speeds....

Ontrack Jumper Viewer
A graphical, interactive Java applet for quickly finding jumper settings for IDE/ATA hard drives. This viewer is similar to the one in Ontrack's Disk Manager hard drive installation utilities. But with the online version, you always have access to their most current database of hard drives. 

The Red Hill Guide to Hard Drives
A real decent run down on hard drives, manufacturers, performance, SCSI, etc. with comparisons.

Zip & Jaz Drive Click Death
Find out more about a set of serious data threatening problems being encountered with increasing frequency among users of Iomega's Zip and Jaz removable media mass storage systems. Download the FREE 55Kb "Trouble In Paradise" by Steve Gibson and see if that is your problem. Make sure and check out the rest of his site here.

SCSI Troubleshooting Guide
Troubleshooting SCSI connections. Scroll down the page.

Hard Disk Partitioning: Why and How
Hard Disk Partitioning, Why and How (for MS-DOS/Windows PCs) by Stan Brown.

Hard Drive Specifications and Jumper Settings
Full specs & jumper settings for the following Maxtor & Seagate drives. The (#) is how many of that drive type. Maxtor PCMCIA (7) SCSI (36)Seagate IDE/AT (90) IPI (24) MFM (24) RLL (12) SCSI (90) SMD (18)

Enhanced IDE FAQ & Utilities
The Enhanced IDE FAQ is an attempt to answer the most common questions concerning EIDE hard disks, CD-ROMs, tapes, interfaces and setup.

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