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Trish's Escape from Hardware Hell Computer Help


divider is a resource for technical training, including information related to Microsoft products, courses, certifications, links to technical articles, books, downloads, Q&As, tips & tricks, security and more.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts for Windows, IE, Office, Front Page, Producer, Photo Draw & more. They can be a real time saver, not to mention a lifesaver mid-crash and you need to save that document.

What-Is File Format & Extension Look-Up
Cleaning your drive of old unused files left on your computer? Can't figure out which program is needed to open a file type? Find out what kind of file it is by the file extension. The most extensive and ever-growing collection of file  extensions.

Computer Repair Diagnostic Flow Charts 
The point isn't just to get the PC working properly again, it's to determine beyond a reasonable doubt exactly has been fixed when the problem goes away. No series of charts can entirely substitute for experience and aptitude, but the real goal here is to make good techs better!

PC Startup Troubleshooting Tips
This article will walk you through the entire boot process, explaining exactly what is happening when to help you with your startup problems. Good article!

Basic Soldering Guide
This guide will help beginners and novices to obtain effective results when soldering electronic components. Main topics are Types of Iron, How to Solder, How to Desolder, Trouble Shooting Guide and Soldering First Aid.

CERT Tech Tips
Now here's some excellent information that if more people took the time to read, they wouldn't be leaving themselves wide open to viruses, hackers and any other internet evils that are just waiting to grab them.
These documents provide information on a variety of Internet security issues. Some documents are more technical than others.

Price Watch
Here's a search engine that finds you the cheapest price for the hardware you are looking for. Find refurbished hardware, also. Seems to come up with a whole different lot than PriceScan, below.

Leak Test
Steve Gibson, the Internet good Samaritan does it again. LeakTest is used to check your firewall's vulnerability to an extremely common and easily exploited design flaw revealed by this test.

Wire Crimping FAQ
Do you want to learn more about crimping wires to terminals? (the right way) Here you can see illustrations showing the difference between good and bad crimps.

FCC ID Look-up
Find out who really made that orphan unit in your shop using it's FCC ID number, which you'll find on the back of the unit. We have every FCC ID number from 1987 to the present

Troubleshooters.Com (R) 
Universal Troubleshooting Process. Computers, Electronics, Internet problems, Operating Systems so on. Some is their material and some is direction to the right places.

Shields Up and Opt Out
GET TESTED! How secure is your PC, really? You may be VERY surprised to find out the info you are leaking from your PC, due to a so-called MS bug.  You will find a WEALTH of information on this site. Check out Opt-Out also. I'd swear this guy is a genius of a good Samaritan.

Input Device Sources & Resources
A directory of companies that make input devices and technologies. Provided by Bill Buxton which he has compiled over the years in preparation for his book.

Secondary computer marketplace, Values, statistics and data.      Appraise- Consult - Buy/Sell - Theft - Research - Donate

Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ: Table of Contents
"A LOT" of info on a lot of subjects for the fix it type person or just a better understanding.

DOS Unleashed
Are you aspiring to learn more about DOS? Then enter the flames and explore every crevis of this page to master all of DOS!

Obsolete Computer Museum
If you have an obsolete computer & need info, this is the place to go.

Review Finder
Great source for finding reviews on the web. Nice database.

The WWW Security FAQ
This is some "GOOD" stuff everybody should be aware of.


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