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Trish's Escape from Hardware Hell Computer Help



New resource   The Elder Geek
Windows XP Home & Professional versions ultimate resource. I could go on & on, but I hate to type and besides...I'd probably run out of room. Just check it out!

Blaster Worm
Read about the Blaster worm and update your software immediately. Check the Security site for more information and steps you should take to help protect your systems.

Start-Up Applications
This site is for those who are concerned about their snail of a PC due to the number of programs that run at start-up. You'll find info about the background to the problem, techniques to identify and disable start-up programs, comprehensive list of programs that are loaded at start-up and requests for additional programs or updated information.

Windows XP Home and Professional Service Configurations
Excellent chart telling you which XP services you can safely disable to speed up your computer. Make sure and check out his XP Super Tweaks, also. Dig around, you'll find even more.
This site will show you how to install, upgrade , reinstall , Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, & XP, OEM computers (Dell, Advent, Time, HP, and Compaq) Also tips, tricks, how to build a computer plus more.

PC Startup Troubleshooting Tips
This article will walk you through the entire boot process, explaining exactly what is happening when to help you with your startup problems. Good article!

Kelly's Korner
If you are troubleshooting or need support for Windows 98 or XP, this would be a great place to start. Get setup help, find drivers, tweaks, reg edits and more.

Windows Expert Zone
Online community for Windows XP enthusiasts. How to articles, forums, chat, downloads, user tips and more.

Paul Thurrott's Windows FAQs
We got XP FAQ's, XP Service Pack FAQ's, ME FAQ's, 2000, Office XP and even Longhorn, the next desktop version of Windows. Have a question not listed there? He says you can send it to him...Check it out.

3D Spotlight OS Updates
Here You'll find updates that you should install if you have Windows XP, 2000, Millennium Edition or 98 Second Edition. Claims they cover some updates that Windows Update will never feature. It pays to keep your OS up to date.

Windows Support Center
Very informative site covering many issues with Windows. Well written and very understandable information. Articles cover Windows shutdown issues, error messages, memory management, KERNEL32 fixes, registry patches and much more.

ActiveWin's Windows ME Section
Here's some good reading on Win ME. Don't send me your ME questions...I doubt I'll ever have it on a machine of mine. But, I hear it's great for new Window's users.

DLL Help Database
This database contains info about DLL files that ship with Microsoft products. Help to identify which software installed a specific version of a DLL file and conflicts with Microsoft software.

Explanation of Error Codes Generated by Device Manager
If Device Manager is sporting a yellow exclamation mark and you look at the  at the properties of that device, the Device Status box says there is a conflict. The only real information is a code #. (but who knows what the code is?) Here are the codes and their meanings.

Deleting Temporary Files Painlessly
This article is not intended to be a DOS lesson or tutorial, but to show you a simple and painless way to keep your drive free from useless temporary file clutter. There are other command variations to do this, however, this is what I have found to work best for me. 

MSDN Online Library
Contains a mess of technical programming information, including sample code, documentation, technical articles, and reference guides. You just may be amazed at the info that can be unearthed here.

The EasyDOS Command Index 
Geez, why didn't we have a reference like this a few years back ... Great DOS reference for all current commands. DOS IS NOT DEAD!!

ActiveWin's Registry Tips Library
Excellent, understandable registry fun! Tweaks and hacks that make Windows behave like you want. Get rid of those quirks. Nose around this site...and you'll find a lot of good info besides the reg fun.

One of Microsoft's better kept secrets. A lot of info here. How tos, problem solving, downloads, user community, security updates and much more. Just dig around.

Download Linux Help and Documentation App (700K)
Phil Croucher's Linux documentation covering ~The File System ~ Commands ~ Installation ~ After Installation ~ Networking and more. This program is meant to get an experienced DOS (and Windoze) user up and running with Linux, taking advantage of the common elements between operating systems. 

Shrink Your Win9x Registry
This is a novice friendly step-by-step how to for cleaning and shrinking your Win9x registry. Anyone running Win9x ought to do this periodically as maintenance.

Quick Guide to a Win98 Fresh Start - fdisk and reformat
This is a very simple, but adequate guide for starting fresh in Win98. Fdisk seems to needlessly puts the scare in us. If you have formatted your drive without fdisk...then you haven't done a real format at all.

Windows NT & 2000 FAQs
NT FAQ's or download the complete FAQ. Also, multiple NT topic discussion areas for more targeted results. Updated at least every Monday. (WOW)
You can find all your boot disks here. Well, at least you could until MS pitched a fit. But for the MS disks, there is a link to Micron, who obviously  has these rights. -but for Micron PCs only :>)

Windows Annoyances
This page contains a list of annoying "features" of Windows Operating Systems, and work arounds for most of them.

Windows Guide Network
Technical resources and support for tweaking, managing and securing the Windows operating system using the registry, scripting and security. Formerly

Windows XP
Lots of great Windows info, (all versions) reg tweaks, etc. plus IE and Outlook Express.

Linux Online - How to Documents
Incredible number of Linux "how to's". Very useful if you're looking for a step-by-step set of instructions. A lot more on this Linux site also.

UNIX help for users
Helpful information for users of the UNIX operating system, developed at the University of Edinburgh

Accelerate Your Mac!
The Source for Mac Performance News and Reviews! This site is awesome! Incredible amount of reviews and articles on  systems, CPU's,  SCSI vs. IDE, troubleshooting tips, etc. etc.

Windows 95/98 Setup Error Message List
This article contains a list of the error messages generated by the Windows 95/98 Setup program. Brief explanations for each.

Bud's Troubleshooter
This is an extensive Windows 95 and 98 resource for troubleshooting, optimizing, tips, error messages, setup issues, etc. Also a IE4  & a DOS section.

Windows 95 System Updates
This page focuses on Windows 95 system updates. Also, Win98 updates. I mean ALL updates! Ben Jos Walbeehm has some cool utilities here, too. NOTE: Last updated 03-04-2000.

See Also:  OS/2-PS/2 Network and Apple/Macintosh categories.


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