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NEW2.GIF (284 bytes)  SCSI Planet Hard Drive Comparisons
Comparison of 150+ SCSI hard drives with a link directly to the manufacturers information and datasheets. You'll also find plenty of other SCSI info here.

Linux High Performance SCSI & RAID
From what it is, why you should use it, choosing the right I/O setup, optimizing your setup, the Linux SCSI subsystem and more.

Paralan SCSI FAQs
"Excellent" four part SCSI FAQ that covers a lot of territory. If you have SCSI questions, you'll most likely find them here. As quoted by Parlan, "Our SCSI FAQ site is the most up-to-date we have been able to find on the Web and we intend to keep it that way!" 100% current truth. (We'll have to hold them to the keeping it that way part.)

Ram Electronics SCSI Help and Info
SCSI connector pictures and info including external and internal cables, terminators, gender changers, Ultra2 problems, cabling FAQ and more. Sometimes it's that picture that we really need.

SCSI Info Central
Gary Fields gives you the latest SCSI FAQ, SCSI Game Rules and other SCSI related stuff. The FAQ has a very nice layout. You almost forget it is a white paper. This guy knows his SCSI.

Building an all SCSI Based System
So you want the fastest system you can make and to hell with the expense? Well, then an all SCSI based system is the only way to go! This article will show what it takes to put one of these systems together. From The Tech Zone.

The SCSI Page
SCSI Terms and Definitions, The SCSI Standards, SCSI Hardware, The SCSI II Ribbon Cable, SCSI Products

Adaptec's GoSCSI Resource Guide
More good SCSI information on SCSI adapters installation instructions, and solutions from Adaptec.

SCSI Troubleshooting Guide
Troubleshooting SCSI connections. Scroll down the page.

Adaptec Cable Solutions
Even though they are promoting their product, they also do a great job of providing SCSI general help.

T10 Home Page
Good information about I/O Interfaces, especially SCSI, SCSI-2, SCSI-3 incl. SPI, Fast-20 (Ultra SCSI), Fast-40 (Ultra2 SCSI), Low Voltage Differential (LVD), CAM, and much more.

SCSI Trade Association Home Page
A little bit of everything. You can ask the SCSI professionals questions & they are good about responding back with an answer. Cable visuals.

comp.periphs.scsi FAQ part 1 of 2
COMP.PERIPHS.SCSI FAQ VOLUME 1. Everything from what is SCSI to vendors, termination, etc.

comp.periphs.scsi FAQ part 2 of 2
SCSI FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions for comp.periphs.scsi VOLUME 2

Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI)
From the PC Guide. SCSI Standards, SCSI Protocols and Transfer Modes, SCSI Host Adapters, SCSI Configuration and Cabling. Pretty decent overview.


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