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Definitive BIOS Optimization Guide Rev. 7   12/07/02  Adrian's Rojak Pot

Techware Labs Does COMDEX  11/27/02  TechwareLabs

AMIDiag Suite v.2 Review  11/22/02  E.S.

Multiprocessing   09/09/02   Phil Croucher

Video BIOS Settings  012/06/02   Phil Croucher   updated with new info

Meaning Behind Ram RAS and CAS Phil Croucher

Dynamic RAM Guide  02/2/02    Hardware Hell

Choosing a Network that's Right for You  03/09/01    Hardware Hell

Setup Masquerading for Linux Security   02/05/01    Hardware Hell

Understanding the Functionality of Your Motherboard Chipset  01/23/01    Hardware Hell

Deleting Temporary Files Painlessly   01/16/01    Hardware Hell

The Secret of Computer Training  11/02/00    Hardware Hell

Hacking Your Password  10/12/00    Hardware Hell

Maintaining and Troubleshooting Your Laptop Battery  10/11/00    Hardware Hell

The A+ Reference   6/02/00    Hardware Hell

Building an 825Mhz LAN Party Box:   04/27/00   The Tech Zone

PC-100 RAM Vs PC-133 RAM  09/16/99  The Tech Zone

Setting up a RAM drive   08/11/99  The Tech Zone

128 megs of RAM or 256 megs of RAM ?  08/04/99  The Tech Zone



Shuttle AK31 VIA KT266   07/24/01   Active Hardware

Transcend TS-ASP3 i815EP   07/17/01   Active Hardware

Shuttle AK32   07/12/01   Active Hardware

Iwill KD266 Ali Magik    07/03/01   Active Hardware

Asus CUSL2-C    01/24/01   Active Hardware

Aopen AK73 Pro  01/18/01   Active Hardware

Abit KT7 RAID    01/09/01   Active Hardware

Gigabyte GA-G0XE   01/12/01   Active Hardware

Azza KT133BX  01/10/01   Active Hardware

AOpen AX3S-Pro i815E  11/03/00   Active Hardware

Transcend TS-ASL3  10/26/00   Active Hardware

EPoX EP-8KTA  10/20/00   Active Hardware

Fic FB11  10/19/00   Active Hardware

ECS P6VAPA+   10/16/00   Active Hardware

Shuttle AV18   10/11/00   Active Hardware

DFI AK74-SC  09/29/00   Active Hardware

Gigabyte GA-6OXM7E  09/26/00   Active Hardware

ECS K7VZM  09/15/00   Active Hardware

Chaintech CT-7AJA  09/14/00   Active Hardware

Fic AZ11  09/11/00   Active Hardware

Soltek SL-75KV  09/06/00   Active Hardware

Gigabyte GA-7ZX  08/31/00    Active Hardware

Soyo SY-K7VIA  08/30/00    Active Hardware

Tyan Trinity K7 Athlon   08/25/00    Active Hardware

Shuttle ME21   08/23/00   Active Hardware

DFI CS35-EC   08/22/00   Active Hardware

Asus A7V  08/11/00   Active Hardware

Chaintech CT-6OJV  08/03/00   Active Hardware

Chaintech CT-6CTA2   06/19/00    Active Hardware

Iwill VD133 Pro RAID   06/14/00    Active Hardware

Transcend TS-AVE3   06/13/00    Active Hardware

DFI AK70   05/31/00   Active Hardware

Abit VT6X4   05/28/00    The Tech Zone

AOpen AX64 Pro   05/17/00    Active Hardware

Abit KA7    05/12/00    Active Hardware

Iwill VD133 Gold slot 1   05/03/00    Active Hardware

Micro-Star MS-6301    05/01/00    Active Hardware

Soltek SL-77KV   04/27/00    Active Hardware

Micro-Star MS-6195 K7 Pro   04/26/00    Active Hardware

Gigabyte GA-71XE AMD K7 Athlon slot A   04/04/00    Active Hardware

Shuttle AV64   04/03/00    Active Hardware

EPoX EP-7KXA   03/24/00    Active Hardware

Gigabyte GA-6CXC i820   03/17/00    Active Hardware

Tyan Trinity 400 S1854   03/13/00    Active Hardware

DFI PA61 slot 1 VIA Apollo Pro133   12/15/99   The High-Performance PC Guide

Abit BE6-II   12/13/99   The High-Performance PC Guide

AOpen MX64   12/09/99   The High-Performance PC Guide

Slotel SL-67KV   12/07/99   The High-Performance PC Guide

TMC TI6NBFV+ slot 1   11/30/99   The High-Performance PC Guide

Iwill DBS100 dual slot 1 UW SCSI   11/26/99   The High-Performance PC Guide

Iwill VD133 slot 1   11/23/99   The High-Performance PC Guide

Tekram P6Pro-A+ slot 1   11/15/99   The High-Performance PC Guide

AOpen AX63 Pro   11/11/99    The High-Performance PC Guide

Soyo SY-6BA+IV   10/29/99   The Tech Zone

Abit BE6  08/25/99  The Tech Zone



1.8Ghz Intel Pentium 4 Processor   07/12/01    Active Hardware

Comparison tests of 1Ghz processors  09/30/00    Active Hardware

PIII-550E or PIII-600E Comparison   06/01/00    The Tech Zone

Intel CUmine 866Mhz FCPGA & comparisons   05/26/00    Active Hardware

The Intel Pentium III processors   05/19/00   Active Hardware

Pentium III CUmine 850Mhz CPU   05/16/00   Active Hardware

AMK CO-1000-R hard drive cooler   03/31/00   The Tech Zone

AMK SECC80 cooler   09/22/99  The Tech Zone

Celeron 366s making it to 550Mhz ?  07/30/99   The Tech Zone

Convert a P125 to work with your Pentium III   06/29/99   The Tech Zone

Intel's Pentium III-450 Review    05/09/99    The Tech Zone

The AcceleraPCI Review   08/16/99  The Tech Zone

Alpha's P125 heatsink   06/24/99   The Tech Zone

Global Win VEK 12 Heatsink   06/21/99   The Tech Zone

VES 20 from Global Win Cooler   06/16/99   The Tech Zone

The Card Cooler  06/08/99   The Tech Zone

The Super Cooler    06/03/99  The Tech Zone



1COOLPC Video-1-120 Cooler   12/14/02  Adrian's Rojak Pot

Integrated 3D Graphics Motherboard Shootout  10/04/02  TechwareLabs

Asus V8200 Deluxw GF3    11/23/01   Active Hardware

Chaintech Desperado AGP-RI91   10/02/00   Active Hardware

Chaintech Desperado AGP-RI70 GeForce 256   06/02/00    Active Hardware

3D Prophet II GTS   05/31/00    The Tech Zone

Elsa Gladiac GeForce2 GTS   05/26/00    The Tech Zone

Micro-Star Power 3D GeForce 256 MS-8809   05/15/00   Active Hardware

ATI Rage Fury MAXX   04/10/00    Active Hardware

Gigabyte GA-GF2560   04/07/00    Active Hardware

Abit GF256   03/23/00    Active Hardware

Abit Siluro GT2 Ultra TNT 2   03/15/00    Active Hardware

Sony CPD-G500 Monitor    03/14/00  The Tech Zone

3D Blaster Savage4 by Creative Labs   08/22/99  The Tech Zone

Viper V770 Ultra TNT2 Review    06/01/99   The Tech Zone

Diamond Viper V770 Review
    05/27/99    The Tech Zone



AMIDiag Suite v.2 Review  11/22/02   E.S.

Plextor 48/24/48A CD burner  11/21/02   TechwareLabs

AMIDiag Suite 1 Review  06/28/01    Hardware Hell

 Aopen CRW-1232 CD writer   01/25/01   Active Hardware

MP3 Solutions Portable MP3 Player  10/05/00   Active Hardware

Pioneer DVD-115   05/10/00    The Tech Zone

Olympus C-2020 Zoom digital camera   04/20/00    The Tech Zone

D-Link DSH-5 10/100 Hub    04/05/00    The Tech Zone

AOpen DVD-1040 Pro   04/04/00    The Tech Zone

MidiLand ADS-2000 Review     03/31/00   The Tech Zone

Altec Lansing ATP3   03/08/00   The Tech Zone

Tekram DC-390U2W Ultra-2 SCSI PCI Controler  11/18/99  The High-Performance PC Guide

Need For Speed: High Stakes  08/13/99  The Tech Zone

AMK-0334 overclocker's case   07/05/99   The Tech Zone

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