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New resource   Start-Up Applications
This site is for those who are concerned about their snail of a PC due to the number of programs that run at start-up. You'll find info about the background to the problem, techniques to identify and disable start-up programs, comprehensive list of programs that are loaded at start-up and requests for additional programs or updated information.   

New resource   Windows XP Home and Professional Service Configurations
Excellent chart telling you which XP services you can safely disable to speed up your computer. Make sure and check out his XP Super Tweaks, also. Dig around, you'll find even more.

Deleting Temporary Files Painlessly
This article is not intended to be a DOS lesson or tutorial, but to show you a simple and painless way to keep your drive free from useless temporary file clutter. There are other command variations to do this, however, this is what I have found to work best for me. 

PC Pitstop
This free site runs diagnostics on your PC to identify things that might help improve performance. Offers suggested fixes and some auto fixes.

Adrian's Rojak Pot " BIOS Optimization Guide
Explains various settings in the BIOS Features Setup , Chipset Feature Setup, Integrated Peripherals and the cool part is the comments section. Post your comment, whether a question, unclear, or you just outright disagree.

Shrink Your Win9x Registry
This is a novice friendly step-by-step how to for cleaning and shrinking your Win9x registry. Anyone running Win9x ought to do this periodically as maintenance.

AXCEL216's MAX Speed
Lots of tips, tricks, hacks, bug fixes, etc. for all Windows and DOS, however, you will find plenty of hardware info also. I have just scratched the surface here.

Active Hardware's Optimization Guide
Optimization info & tips including CPU Overclocking, BIOS Setup Optimization, and Modem Speed Optimization.

System Optimization
Good Performance Related Information plus a lot more. One of the very best informative resources.

Enhancing System Performance
There are several ways to increase your system performance. Some of them give you big, most of them only little improvements. However, even the little improvements sum up to a considerable increase in system speed. From  Tom's Performance Guide.

Intelligent Firmware Ltd.
Must see info on processor performance & evaluation. Here you can find out everything about the serious "performance flaw" which affects all processors, and also which processor performs best where and why. Download their benchmarks.

Performance & Upgrade Tips
Performance and Upgrade Tips System Optimization Information.

Intel Secrets
(What Intel doesn't want you to know.)

Zdnet Tips Directory
Secret techniques and expert tricks for your favorite programs. Enter your topic, then click Search.

Web Spot Tune Up
Getting the most performance out of your computer! General Tips, Hints, and Suggestions! Optimize Your DOS Memory (even if you run windows 3.x or 95 exclusively). Run Everything at 32-bit, Use a Disk Cache, Overclocking etc.


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