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New Resource  CPU Scorecard  
A comprehensive list of current and historical CPU's. Ranked in order of average overall performance. Compare CPU benchmarks, performance, features, pricing and more.

Desktop CPU Rundown
InfoHQ provides a good understandable rundown of desktop CPU's including raw CPU speed comparisons. Not overly technical if you tend to get lost, yet informative.

Chip Directory
This site really is quite extensive. Should be able to find just about any chip info.

Aad Offerman's ChipList
This list is the result of collecting many snippets of information from USENET News and data books. The ChipList brings you detailed information on the various processors used in PC's and servers. News, market analyses, specifications, overview tables, roadmaps, benchmarks, and system tests. It has been compiled for the benefit of the net community.

Learn More About EPROMS
Technical issues explained in an easy-to-understand manner. This will help you understand what memory chips (eproms, eeproms, nvrams and micro-controllers) are and how they work. If you have a question about a memory device or some technical aspect of the part, it is very likely to be covered here. Go here before the next link.

The Flash BIOS Site
If you want general info about flash bios, want information about flash bios programmer devices or if yours is dead and it must be re-programmed, Arthur Kerkmeester will do it for $5. Chip and MB  mfgrs. If you have an EPROM burner, you'll love this site.

SMP FAQ from
SMP describes a computer with more than one processor, and an operating system capable of distributing an even load over the processors. Two different FAQ's in two different lingos. More info about SMP on site.

The Red Hill CPU Index
A real decent run down

PC Hardware Links
486 CPU Chart, 486 CPU Pinouts Chart, 586 CPU Chart, 586 CPU Pinouts Chart, CPU Electrical Specs, CPU Sockets Chart, CPU Speeds Chart, Processor Upgrading FAQ, Shuttle HOT-569 from Chris Hare. Make sure and check out the Processor Upgrading FAQ.
Technical processor information. Here you will find registers, opcodes, structures, etc. for the more technical aspect of CPU's and also a great reference for setup info, even if you have to look in the "museum". That's where my CPU is. At least it's not the bone yard.

Intel Secrets Monthly Edition
Intel loves this web page so much, they have accessed it XXXX times since 07/01/95.

The Heatsink Guide
This site is all about heatsinks. Any info about heatsinks will be found here including comparisons.

Processor Emporium
A separate run down of most processors available today. Chipset summary and CPU core & I/O voltage chart. A new site...but off to a great start.

Intel Chipsets & Graphics Chipsets
Here's the dirt on Intel chipsets.

RageMage's CPU Page
Rage Mage's Hardware/Software/Programming/games/and more. If you don't know much about CPU's, this is a good place to start. Easily understood.

Intelligent Firmware Ltd.
Must see info on processor performance & evaluation. Here you can find out everything about the serious "performance flaw" which affects all processors, and also which processor performs best where and why. Download their benchmarks.

Pat Duffy's PCI Chipsets List
Provides brief summaries of many PCI chipsets, covering areas such as throughput speeds and compatibility.

Ralf Brown's Interrupt list
The interrupt list is a comprehensive listing of interrupt calls, I/O ports, memory locations, far-call interfaces, and more for IBM PCs and compatible machines, both documented and undocumented. Well over six megabytes of information in ASCII text files!

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