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Please DO NOT begin any "new" discussions here. It is ok to reply to any questions that were already posted to keep the threads together and prevent anyone from having to repost. This area is archived for future reference in solving problems.

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Elpina motherboards - some answersJames1-26-04  2:24 am
How do I get past this passworddacomputaking11 2-10-04  2:40 pm
Wang Alliance 750CD InfoMiles Attacca11-9-03  10:03 am
ELPINA V3.2A MMX Motherboard JumpersetLuc_Hallot11-4-03  8:52 am
windows 98 start upMike Herman10-15-03  9:40 am
sound cardTravis Spradlin8-31-03  12:51 pm
Ipex motherboardsTom Newsome8-16-03  2:18 am
Wingate Home versus Win98SE Connection SharingNduka Ndudi6-14-03  12:28 am
Formatting the HDOkanlawon Omoibo6-14-03  12:23 am
Hardrive does something every 10 minutes or so that slows performan...Chris Okafor6-14-03  12:20 am
FIC VA 503+ motherboardDaniel A4-27-03  6:15 pm
M598-Dos troublebullzzz4-20-03  11:53 pm
Minimum W98 background tasksbob spoot3-23-03  11:56 am
Need Elpina/Ability Manualnelson3-2-03  6:07 pm
ATI All-In-Wonder 128 problems...Jason Merringer1-21-03  7:21 pm
Reset problem in Zida 5STX with Pentium 166MMXCecil11-10-02  7:27 pm
Keyboard/Boot ProblemShotz2-21-04  11:12 am
Integrated video card sucks! need to disable.Brian10-9-02  2:18 pm
amd k6-lll vs pentium lllStrange19-29-02  3:22 pm
Elpina V1.2 Motherboard JumpersCecil9-24-02  3:15 pm
I just built my 1st computer but do not get any videorick peters9-13-02  12:34 am
Confusing Bios/Motherboardwin9-10-02  5:01 pm
reformat Compaqllwydowain8-10-02  11:28 am
modem port of toshiba notebookadam townsend7-27-02  2:57 pm
Viper v770 ulttra tnt2 OR G-force 256????James6-18-02  2:45 pm
ls_54ce motherboard(dimm don't work)Greg5-20-02  5:14 pm
slow pointing devicegerald clark5-8-02  12:23 pm
incompatible dvd and motherboardJoao Simoes4-20-02  3:14 am
AMD Hangswin11-10-01  11:37 am
ECP Printer Port (without the LPT1)John F. Labonte10-20-01  6:11 am
486DX-33 w/HDD controller errorDegra9-26-01  6:42 pm
Vtech Machines and Award BIOS on 702704D Motherboardsmatthew8-16-01  4:41 pm
SIS agp onboard graphics card. Where do I get drivers?Glennis Turnell7-29-01  2:15 am
Have a Elpina V1.2 need info.Trish6-21-01  12:27 am
TX98-3D serial portTrish6-21-01  12:25 am
Orchid combo card drivers/jumper settingswin6-4-01  11:19 pm
Amptron website is down. I need settings for MB-8500wankie5-16-01  1:02 pm
Registry crashwin5-14-01  4:56 pm
Athlon MotherboardsLen Rudolph4-16-01  3:12 pm
Hewlett-Packard Pavillion 4000, 6000 series with Celeron CPUTOPdog4-12-01  7:06 pm
Can DVD's be burned on a PC burner? n/mTOpDog4-12-01  6:57 pm
Resetting my icon file association to factory settingsRena Tetzlaff3-30-01  3:05 pm
Delete the thrid party software from booting up?Brent Hughes3-29-01  11:50 am
How do I make a "bootable" CD?Bob Bradford3-3-01  8:08 am
HELP!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>> Desperate !!! <<<<<<<<<<<<<win2-24-01  1:49 pm
AMD K6-2 450 cpu & ASUS TX97-XE MotherboardTuffe W11-3-00  1:10 am
bios upgrade from UDMA/33 to 66??Danny Albers5-14-00  8:00 pm
memory discrepencya4-23-00  4:41 pm
PCI Serial Controller SolutionTodd Menke3-19-00  3:26 pm
Full Yes motherboard jumperswin12-25-99  10:36 am
486\66 Y2K complianceRuss10-22-99  12:21 pm
COM board help?bquarta10-21-99  5:43 am
Monster soundNoel10-2-99  8:24 pm
Please Help...I need adviceDave9-26-99  3:26 pm
New folder optionkeith9-26-99  3:26 pm
replacing EIDE harddrive with SCSIDave9-26-99  3:26 pm
Need LS-P54CE BIOS UpdateRuslan Alykov9-26-99  3:26 pm
RAM how much is too much?Kevin9-26-99  3:26 pm
Diskette Drive A Error depova9-26-99  3:25 pm
Help Abit went into a commaJd9-26-99  3:25 pm
Slowww response after adding new MoBo & HD?Noel9-26-99  3:25 pm
Maxtor Hard diskdepova9-26-99  3:25 pm
The floppy and the printer... please help!depova9-26-99  3:25 pm
Dual Boot DOS and Windows 95 !!!! HELP!!!Hair9-26-99  3:25 pm
laptop hard driveTom9-26-99  3:25 pm
boot probWarren9-26-99  3:25 pm
Page faults in games after installing networkDave9-26-99  3:25 pm
mb1433/40/50uiv motherboardcharlie9-26-99  3:25 pm
Hewlett Packard Pavilion 6300???????????????????/H.L9-26-99  3:25 pm
Windows 98 won't shut downcoolFrode9-26-99  3:25 pm
ASUS motherboard ID......Dave9-26-99  3:25 pm
cd writers programsDepova9-26-99  3:25 pm
Is there a PCMCIA to USB adaptor available?simon9-26-99  3:25 pm
Building a notebook computerBarry S9-26-99  3:25 pm
lost clockDave9-26-99  3:25 pm
trouble with new hard drive install HELP!Bogie9-26-99  3:25 pm
MSI 6163 motherboard upgrade gone badIconoclast9-26-99  3:25 pm
doesnt count new memoryTrish9-26-99  3:25 pm
Digital Monitor/shuts offMODEL NUM VRC-16..jo9-26-99  3:25 pm
Problems Installing Win98Michael Smith9-26-99  3:25 pm
Motherboard QJimmy9-26-99  3:25 pm
High Capacity CD-RsMark C. Stone, Jr.9-26-99  3:25 pm
Scandisk problemDave9-26-99  3:25 pm
Anyone here o-clocked a Celeron 400 to 500? n/mtom9-26-99  3:25 pm
Can anyone identify this cache card?Trish9-26-99  3:25 pm
Corrupt flash boot blocksDave9-26-99  3:24 pm
cr"amptron" m598 motherboard video problemsTom9-26-99  3:24 pm
Bootable CD-RomAndy Flesner9-26-99  3:24 pm
Broken Pin on CDROM DriveIshi Carter9-26-99  3:24 pm
Trouble with Dos 6.22Gary Stillman9-26-99  3:24 pm
The IRQ bluesBarry S9-26-99  3:24 pm
Help! Viper 770Barry S9-26-99  3:24 pm
please help me ?win9-26-99  3:24 pm
Need help 350amdk6 2 locking up/crashingwin9-26-99  3:24 pm
Cleaning Laptop Screensdepova9-26-99  3:24 pm
Reinstalling Win98win9-26-99  3:24 pm
FIC VX98 motherboard gives Floppy errortom9-26-99  3:24 pm
Windows Registry... What's THAT!!!!win9-26-99  3:24 pm
win NT & 10 GB IDE HD W229-26-99  3:24 pm
umc chipset MB-P114F6NC memory problemsTom9-26-99  3:24 pm
GCT-MGX colorsYizhar9-26-99  3:24 pm
I need a MLink/DOS boot disk!!!!!!!tom9-26-99  3:24 pm
PS/1 Disk Problemsdepova9-26-99  3:24 pm
FDD strange problemsDave9-26-99  3:24 pm
ai5th motherboardDave9-26-99  3:23 pm
No SoundDave9-26-99  3:23 pm
Where can I get Win32s for Win 3.x?Dave9-26-99  3:23 pm
SB Live drivers cause 90fps 3D performance drop.Christopher9-26-99  3:23 pm
Interrupt routed incorrectly by the systemBrian9-26-99  3:23 pm
HOW BIG IS A DVD? LIKE IN MB?depova9-26-99  3:23 pm
startup diskdepova9-26-99  3:23 pm
crippled 486Noel9-26-99  3:23 pm
CAB Files???Joe9-26-99  3:23 pm
Leftover Driver FIles From Unistalled Programs....win9-26-99  3:23 pm
When running 2 CD-Roms >>>>>>>>>Tom9-26-99  3:23 pm
FLASHING the BIOS????????????Dave9-26-99  3:23 pm
Anyone know where to find >>>>>>Mud lover9-26-99  3:23 pm
My Laptop Screen won't turn off!!!!????!!!!Yizhar9-26-99  3:23 pm
My Laptop won't boot! Yizhar9-26-99  3:23 pm
RBG monitor with XGA-2 card?depova9-26-99  3:23 pm
Help - WinSE vs Win98 performancewin9-26-99  3:23 pm
Colorado Tape Backupwin9-26-99  3:23 pm
Motherboard warning when replacement Processor inserteddepova9-26-99  3:23 pm
Puting Music of my own on realPlayer Andy Flesner9-26-99  3:23 pm
Parallel port card - Schematics and Jumpersdepova9-26-99  3:23 pm
Win98 Magnify utility not workingBarry S9-26-99  3:23 pm
upgrading system to speed up 3-D programsRoss Orton9-26-99  3:23 pm
386SX 20MHzDave9-26-99  3:23 pm
Please nedded information about PS/1 Software Dave9-26-99  3:23 pm
Removing TWEAKUI From My NT Machine....Dave9-26-99  3:23 pm
windows 98 locks up on plug & play featureBarry S9-26-99  3:22 pm
HP 6000 HeckBarry S9-26-99  3:22 pm
Floppy problem. Please help!!!Noel9-26-99  3:22 pm
Computer lag!?!?!?!?!?depova9-26-99  3:22 pm
Visual Basic Runtime FilesAndy Flesner9-26-99  3:22 pm
What is this file? AECU.sysdepova9-26-99  3:22 pm
How can I get a manual for Full Yes 82430VX mainboard MPG9-26-99  3:22 pm
lost fileCJ9-26-99  3:22 pm
HELP !!!!! My new system I'm trying to build >>>>>Dave9-26-99  3:22 pm
Modem Constantly disonnects!! ANNOYING!! HELP!!John9-26-99  3:22 pm
Help!!!!!!Noel9-26-99  3:22 pm
celleron vs pentium IIISimon9-26-99  3:22 pm
RAM Choiceshaerik9-26-99  3:22 pm
Concurrent User Problem wDOS Database & NT ServerYizhar9-26-99  3:22 pm
Modem w/ Dos applicationsBrian9-26-99  3:22 pm
Internet accessSimon9-26-99  3:22 pm
recordings playbackDave9-26-99  3:22 pm
WinmodemDave9-26-99  3:22 pm
a PAIN in the connection, modem and or internet connection problemsdepova9-26-99  3:22 pm
Interesting thoughts, $$$ Read this!Dave9-26-99  3:22 pm
Networking 2 machines on a single DSL line?muguguypan9-26-99  3:22 pm
With Win98 and the FAT32, is it really that beneficial to partition...Hely9-26-99  3:21 pm
3D CardsNoel9-26-99  3:21 pm
V770 Ultra or g400 MaxJulian9-26-99  3:21 pm
Help reformatting hard drive!!depova9-26-99  3:21 pm
Modem ConnectionIan Cowan9-26-99  3:21 pm
Network Cardsdepova9-26-99  3:21 pm
My mouse cursor frozedepova9-26-99  3:21 pm
SBawe64 w/upgrade drivers & Dragonspeak won't output quality voice ...win9-26-99  3:21 pm
Abit BH6/mouse problem kicking my @SS!! Please help....wake9-26-99  3:21 pm
cant overclock past 240MhzAndy Flesner9-26-99  3:21 pm
Computer Case digital displaysTrish9-26-99  3:21 pm
Viper V330 + direct 3d problemsLint219-26-99  3:21 pm
AGP Gart drivers don't work properly with TnT2Ian Cowan9-26-99  3:21 pm
Pci bus errorsIan Cowan9-26-99  3:21 pm
Slow DUN'sIan Cowan9-26-99  3:21 pm
1.48 Core VoltageIan Cowan9-26-99  3:21 pm
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