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** Unable to BOOT... (disk creation???) --- HELP! **...Jim C2-22-04  7:31 pm
Boot up trouble after windows logo screenJim C2-22-04  7:58 pm
HELP ME: Computer startup issuesGoku the Helper1-27-04  12:22 pm
Award bios update?where can i downlo. free?jim c2-22-04  7:14 pm
Please helpE.S.11 2-20-04  9:59 pm
How do I make an IBM 300GL boot from cdrom?Sick Of Morons2-22-04  7:52 pm
MOBO FIC VB-601 FDD configModerator 1-9-04  7:37 pm
K7SEM USB Problemjerryhicks2-8-04  4:20 am
IBM 380ED Laptop - Messed up ConfigKevin Sandberg12-17-03  7:18 pm
After fresh install of win 98se , only have choice of 2 or 16 colorsModerator 12-3-03  12:25 pm
BIOS won't detect hard drivejitendra12 11-26-03  1:11 am
Two printers on one computerMike Young11-18-03  6:50 pm
BookPC - set multiplier wrong and now just black screenDave17 11-14-03  10:37 am
IBM Thinkpad 380ED system installJIM C2-22-04  7:42 pm
Time&DateMac G-3 1956?E.S.10-6-03  8:57 am
Laptop HDD with Apple firmwareTom Eggert10-5-03  3:55 pm
Retrieving data from old faulty HD?Jim C2-22-04  8:16 pm
I need major help! ROB DAVIS9-25-03  6:44 am
Something Unbelievably Wierd is HappeningE.S.9-16-03  11:54 pm
How to access comaq bios?Cody O9-4-03  12:44 pm
Over Clocking Processors?Cody O9-4-03  12:31 pm
Need helpMichael Goines8-27-03  8:33 am
Trying to switch avi file to mpeg(so I can burn onto a cd)Michael Goines8-24-03  4:45 pm
Monorail PC ???? HELPray green8-19-03  9:07 am
What kind of network do I need?Matthew Lawrence8-15-03  6:34 pm
How to get into BIOS on HP PavilionAL Z26 8-11-03  9:08 pm
Problems Installing Win 98E.S.7-9-03  11:33 pm
Primary IDE controller Help E.S.7-6-03  5:21 pm
BIOS Chip... which way up?E.S.7-1-03  9:46 pm
How i upgrade from windows 95 to 98Big Guy6-18-03  11:05 am
K7S5A combo with xp 1800Da Answer Man2-22-04  8:25 pm
IBM 300GL BIOS setup keys?Silicon Mirage6-3-03  11:05 am
Cannot access two financial investment institution urlsE.S.5-31-03  4:45 pm
WD 40GB not detected in HP 4445Darryl Johnson5-21-03  6:06 am
My system keeps rebooting HELP!Ed Groves5-18-03  10:06 pm
Settings from large icons to thumbnails?arlene heavner05-16-03  3:31 am
Networking problems, but not in the hardwareE.S.5-14-03  7:48 pm
Need Help on Booting Os on Other driveKevin4-25-03  7:10 am
Disabling the on board graphics on a compaq 5000jeremy woods4-21-03  9:27 pm
Primary Slave - Not detectedmarandon jo4-5-03  9:56 am
What does this Beep Code mean?E.S.4-2-03  2:46 pm
Network Adapter problemWill4-1-03  5:27 pm
HP 6470z MOBOMike Hayton3-30-03  3:03 pm
Video BiosMarko3-24-03  8:49 am
PC will not startup!Kevin3-21-03  9:20 am
Error message says "No 3d graphics accelerator hardware"adam3-17-03  1:59 pm
Ht1869v+ soundcard error 0002 or 0004E.S.3-16-03  8:02 am
Advise on insatalling cd drivesE.S.3-15-03  8:30 pm
Ecs k7sem crash with winxpKevin3-14-03  6:34 am
Laptop harddisksE.S.3-11-03  1:34 pm
S Video QuestionsE.S.3-6-03  6:17 pm
Compaq Presario 2900D laptop problems...gary stiltner2-21-03  9:57 am
Web pages will not open maximized. Kevin2-21-03  3:46 am
Does anyone have the USB pinouts for K7SEM?tony b2-20-03  5:57 pm
New video card in HP Paviliontim arthur2-18-03  11:46 am
Bypassing the setup screen...RW2-15-03  6:21 pm
K7SEM motherboard sound problemrony2-11-03  1:01 am
Can I get sound from both DVD and CD Burner?E.S.2-8-03  8:36 pm
Display SetupKevin2-7-03  3:53 am
A7 error code during POSTE.S.1-30-03  7:37 pm
Help...I'm Stumpedv1-3-03  10:32 pm
GA-6EAE.S.12-29-02  8:23 pm
Video phoning my grandsonCecil12-21-02  3:59 pm
ELITEGROUP P5SD-ASCecil12-21-02  9:17 am
Help A Guy Who's Feeling Guilty As Sinjenintx12-14-02  8:59 am
Compaq 5714/Win 98 clean install info?Cecil12-3-02  9:05 pm
Cannot load DOS!Cecil11-28-02  11:02 am
Geforce 4 titanium 4200 , how to unlock the gamma/brightnessE.S.11-22-02  6:01 pm
K7sem HellCecil13 11-19-02  10:12 am
Lost restart in ms-dos modeCecil11-13-02  8:39 pm
Clearing Logon Passwords from Windows NTCecil11-12-02  8:30 pm
Prosignia 200....Cecil11-12-02  8:23 pm
PCI Parallel Port, IRQs, LPTs configurationwin11-9-02  10:17 pm
Trouble with vmm32.vxdCecil11-4-02  6:42 am
IE/WM won't let me open media files on the web, someone please, ple...Bob Fox11-1-02  10:26 pm
Can't boot into WinXP after installing new ECS K7SEM Motherboard wi...Schelle10-18-02  10:05 am
No monitor or keyboard during bootCecil10-17-02  4:28 pm
Compaq laptop....Cecil10-16-02  9:11 pm
Hinote bios supervisor passwordCecil10-10-02  9:23 pm
How do I connect two mice to my PCwin10-10-02  3:14 pm
Clean install with slavesJeanie Crisp10-2-02  7:39 am
Compaq impresario1200 ERROR MESSAGECecil9-30-02  5:37 pm
CONTINUOUS PING SOUNDSgerald9-28-02  1:35 am
NEED HELP URGENTLY!!!!!OasisDiver9-22-02  9:21 am
Processor??win9-12-02  12:57 pm
Did I fry my chip???Russell9-10-02  4:08 am
Epox PII-100B PinoutsColin Campbell9-5-02  11:32 pm
ELPINA - Rookie... needs HELP!!!! (please?>>>>)...win8-5-02  10:14 am
XP USB Nightmaremarci d7-22-02  12:40 am
Help me unlock my compaq armada 1750...PLEASEkayimun7-20-02  6:18 am
Freezing problems caused by Soundcard?Melissa7-8-02  11:47 am
Compaq ide configurationwin7-8-02  9:45 am
K7SEM Configwin7-3-02  8:40 am
Windows 98 Wont Detect my CD Rom or Burnerjodigowans6-30-02  10:48 pm
BIOS HDD detection fails...mminor6-30-02  5:38 am
Help with ASUS v7100 Pro SE /T Graphic card needed ! ! !E.S.6-28-02  8:28 pm
And Now I'm Always in the A Drive ...E.S.6-26-02  10:04 pm
HD detection problemE.S.6-25-02  9:27 pm
Install modem on CompaqA C6-20-02  3:01 pm
No ROM System HaltedDidier6-19-02  9:00 am
Modem HellE.S.6-15-02  7:23 pm
Problems on boot /266 pent II with master/slave HDD...win6-2-02  10:04 pm
Processor upgrade-how fast can I go?jbnewman5-29-02  10:59 pm
PC to PC Connectionjbnewman5-29-02  10:34 pm
AWARD BIOS POST CODE A7Calvin5-29-02  11:48 am
BIOS Beep Codes for Acerpower 6100win5-26-02  11:06 pm
BIOS Settingswin18 5-26-02  12:25 pm
I want to change dual boot/ 2 HD to single boot/ 1 HDwin5-25-02  5:31 pm
Can't fdisk primary driveKevin5-10-02  8:43 am
Ibm 330/350 computerPentaNet5-9-02  4:37 am
Mouse Problem??????PentaNet5-9-02  4:21 am
Problems installing SB Live 5.1PentaNet5-9-02  4:21 am
Pc100 mainboard and soundpro ht1869v+V12 5-2-02  6:46 am
Choppy Sound after installing Hercules Graphic Card?V4-29-02  11:43 am
Help with DRAM frequency for pc133, set to 100 or 133?Rob4-27-02  4:37 pm
When an old motherboard meets a new large hard driveE.S.4-9-02  7:28 pm
ELPINA Rookie - follow-up question......E.S.4-4-02  9:14 am
Acer 2100 Inspire Unable to load WIN98ernest t bass4-2-02  7:45 am
Help me with 2x PCI Peripherals?E.S.3-13-02  7:06 pm
Com port write fault errorE.S.3-8-02  8:23 pm
Bad soundKevin3-8-02  4:06 am
ABIT TH7II_RAID - stuck on POST code 29 - help pleaseE.S.3-6-02  8:27 pm
Floppy not working on new installdamecles2-27-02  9:55 pm
How do you install a modem on windows ntE.S.2-24-02  10:51 am
PC Problems Please HelpE.S.2-17-02  5:28 pm
Help, compaq @#!%@!!E.S.2-2-02  11:46 pm
How to edit system.dat file from another computerbhany1-30-02  4:51 am
Easy ? please helpKevin1-25-02  3:40 am
AMD with ATI Rage Fury Pro AGP card...HELP neededwarren barnhart1-23-02  7:37 am
Bios wont detect HD or CDROME.S.1-21-02  5:29 am
Home Network SetupE.S.1-17-02  2:42 pm
How to access boot sequence in Compaq BIOSrebootd1-17-02  6:06 am
Token Ring NetworkKawasaki1-11-02  6:17 am
Disk boot failureKevin1-11-02  3:41 am
Usb connection on seanix asi 9000E.S.1-6-02  12:30 am
Laptop HD conversionE.S.1-6-02  12:18 am
Setup for new motherboardDan Richards1-5-02  8:02 am
Front Side BusHenrique Barbosa1-1-02  1:41 pm
Can't boot with the a:\ drive??sacto12-31-01  10:58 am
Cd-rom not being recognizedgaragetest12-24-01  12:38 am
Beep Codes for INTEL 82430I main boardedwin12-23-01  11:00 am
Re-formating my pc for new hardware setup = PROBLEMS!V12-22-01  9:45 pm
Can't Add Slave to Westren Digital HDannnot12-21-01  12:02 pm
Format & InstallV12-16-01  5:49 pm
USB to IDE Adam Low12-15-01  11:13 pm
Desparate for help with Motherboardwin12-8-01  1:57 pm
Bad Flash Now No beep No FloppyPlisken12-2-01  3:09 pm
Clean Installation of Win XPKevin11-30-01  4:21 am
Constant RAM memory count on boot upFrancis Burgess11-19-01  5:05 am
WIN2K won't boot with Iomega Zip 100Al Jones11-18-01  8:29 am
CONFIG.SYS errorV11-9-01  11:18 am
Slow boot, is it my network card?edwin11-3-01  12:31 am
Shutle Spacewalker Motherboards.............edwin11-3-01  12:09 am
Building a PCV10-30-01  8:04 am
What is the typical IRQ's used for modem and soundcardroberto10-28-01  11:15 am
ASUS K7M MOB. HELPV10-27-01  8:27 pm
Resetting IRQ's - Asus P3C 2000 V10-23-01  8:53 am
486 mobo boots but no A or C promptMichael10-21-01  9:31 pm
Abit KT7-Raid ~ Not detecting drives in BIOS Scan, CMOS says they a...V10-17-01  10:20 am
Verifying DMI Pool Data?Michael10-16-01  7:11 pm
Bulding first PCDan Nibot10-13-01  4:16 pm
DesktopTVMichael10-9-01  1:02 pm
Gemlight p57sax Motherboard info needed!Trish9-24-01  3:48 pm
Can someone help me disable integrated graphics card on Aptiva?Dean Murray8-27-01  4:40 pm
FdiskV8-20-01  7:29 am
I need specs on a motherboardV8-10-01  9:14 pm
Problems with ATI Radeon (AGP) installation on HP pavilion 8566...Chris Hills8-7-01  5:12 am
Help with a crazy BIOS!Trish8-1-01  11:21 pm
Ibm P201 Monitor pinoutsAdam Low7-28-01  2:03 am
BIOSRob7-24-01  1:44 am
Problems with PerComp Motherboardwin7-14-01  12:00 pm
A-trend motherboardssnowball7-5-01  11:10 am
HD Specification for a PII 266mHz Motherboard??Rob6-11-01  11:05 pm
Microstar motherboard 6156 ver 1.0 BX7, Ami Bios (c) 1996V5-15-01  3:45 am
Bios won't detect hard driveShawn K5-3-01  6:45 pm
Asus p5a / ibm 45 gb 7200 rpmJakob Z4-15-01  9:36 am
IBM ps/1 setup woes......Trish3-19-01  12:15 am
Duel-motherboard setup? has anyone done this?Katy R2-7-01  4:47 pm
Fastest CPU for Gigabyte GA 6EA MotherboardCraig1-27-01  3:24 pm
FIC PA2005 motherboardGabriel L.G.1-21-01  5:27 am
Motherboard Bluespeter barnard1-12-01  2:29 pm
Can I use pc100 dimms in an older socket 7 board?Dave12-31-00  9:56 pm
MoBo's.. oem spec's are nice - "Your experience" is priceless!...Les Frost11-12-00  2:30 am
AMD K62/500 operates at 400 MhzTrish9-25-00  3:35 am
Installing Internal ModemDanny Albers8-12-00  7:36 am
Getting an old PC to recognise a 1G HDDmike thebluesguy7-27-00  12:13 am
Holco(shuttle) 486dx (95C) motherboard, Opti chipReinhard7-25-00  1:01 am
Need pinouts for NEC Versa notebook removable screenDanny Albers7-16-00  8:37 pm
Information on how to install a notebook hard drive in a desktop pc?ABE7-6-00  9:55 am
Toshiba T1960CS Laptopicarus7-1-00  11:40 pm
Need help with 486 and mobo/bios settingsJason Lockhart13 6-30-00  11:01 pm
Fastest CPU for ABIT BE-6Danny Albers6-30-00  11:11 am
Question about ram & motherboarddanny6-28-00  12:24 pm
Compaq Presario 1075JackLenard6-28-00  2:46 am
ABIT BH6 problemsDanny Albers6-21-00  6:33 pm
Agfa Esmile camera wont connect with Win98SE pcDewayne6-13-00  12:40 pm
Help!!! Digital monitor to HP6643 connection???????Adam Emswiler6-4-00  3:17 pm
Hewlett packard 8670c mtherboardrobert6-4-00  2:44 pm
Help with router hub networkingDanny Albers5-30-00  11:37 am
I/O CardA.W.Malpus4-30-00  12:10 pm
Tyan Trinity 100 AT 1590S problem with 3Com 3C595-TXTrish4-14-00  9:21 pm
Pin layout for the 16550aTrish2-15-00  11:18 pm
Can I upgrade a Compaq?Noel10-25-99  4:29 am
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Author Message
ray green
Posted on Tuesday, August 19, 2003 - 9:07 am:   

How do I format a Patriat 500 pc and get back to factory setting. thank you. RAY.

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